Open Data Hackathon, 3-4 December 2016, Aghveran, Armenia

Publish Date: Nov 21, 2016

Deadline: Nov 27, 2016

Event Dates: from Dec 03, 2016 12:00 to Dec 04, 2016 12:00

Open Data Hackathon 2016

Open Data in Armenia is growing. The Armenian government, having made large quantities of state data available to the public, is already beginning to see the success. Can government-owned open datasets help to design tools for more efficient state governance? What might we discover by applying the latest technological tools to the millions of individual data records that are collected?

On December 3-4th, Kolba Innovations Lab invites you to participate in an Open Data Hackathon, a two-day event aimed at using government data to generate innovative solutions to a range of Armenia’s social challenges. We want to ask you: what could you do if we gave you an entire database?

So if you like to liberate data, then make sure you register for the event here before November 27th. Once you do, you can learn more about the available tools and datasets, get access to trainings on possible applications, create visualizations and engage in a network of open data scientists.

Prototype of data product.  The teams are encouraged to propose two main types of products: user friendly format and/or accessible design of existing datasets, and analytical tools which can be built on existing databases.

Added bonus: attending the Open Data Hackathon will give you the chance to meet the industry’s experts participating in the ICT Leaders Forum, bringing together high-level government, business industry and IT organizations around innovative and technological solutions in public governance. Make sure you use this great networking opportunity.

You can get more info about Open Data Hackathon on Kolba Lab's facebook page.

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