NTU-MBA Scholarship, Nanyang Business School, Singapore

Publish Date: Sep 14, 2015

NTU-MBA Scholarship

Who is eligible?

You are eligible for this scholarship if you are an applicant seeking admission to the Nanyang MBA, (full time MBA programme only) at Nanyang Business School, NTU. 

Eligibility criteria

  • Selection is based mainly on merit, and to a certain extent financial consideration
  • You should not be on paid employment or accept paid employment or concurrently hold any other scholarship, fellowship, bursary or top-up allowance during the prescribed period of the award
Nanyang Women In Business Scholarship - As part of Nanyang Business School's commitment to recognise the increased representation of women in business community, the partial scholarship is awarded to talented and motivated women who have demonstrated potential to make significant contributions both during and after the MBA programme.
End Mar-16
Nanyang Emerging Market Leader Scholarship - The scholarship is awarded to committed and dynamic individuals who are committed to return to their home country, often a developing nation, as future leaders. The partial scholarship aims to provide relief for those at a financial disadvantage and an added boost for them to achieve success in business.
End Mar-16
NTU Business Talent Scholarship
for Africa
- With the expanding Singapore-Africa business links and NTU's newly established Centre for African Studies, Nanyang Business School looks to advance business ties by developing deserving talent from Africa. Other than demonstrating a solid academic background, awarded scholars must have the intent/dedication to expand African businesses' capacity in Asia and vice versa.
End Mar-16
Nanyang EU Scholarship - The scholarship is for EU citizens who wish to further their understanding of doing business in Asia. Other than demonstrating an outstanding career progression and a solid academic background, awarded scholars must be keen to gain an international outlook and aspire to attain a high level of success in business.
End Mar-16
NTU Innovation Leader Scholarship - With NTU's steep tradition in technology and innovation, Nanyang Business School is committed to nurture innovators, who at the same time, see themselves as future business leaders. This partial scholarship will support creative talents achieve the prestigious Nanyang MBA, while enhancing their understanding and leadership role in the business arena.
End Mar-16
Nanyang SG50 Scholarship for Singaporean - The unity and resolve of Singaporeans were cornerstones of Singapore's rise and success in the past 50 years. As part of Nanyang Business School's effort to recognise and celebrate the people's accomplishments, the SG50 merit-based scholarship aims to reach out to high-calibre Singaporeans looking to attain their career goals and academic ambitions.
End Dec-16
Nanyang Middle-East Scholarship - This partial scholarship is awarded to individuals who see themselves as eventual business leaders championing trade between Middle East and Asia. Other than having sharp business acumen and solid academic achievements, awarded Middle Eastern scholars shall be committed in deepening bilateral economic ties between the two regions.
End Mar-16
Nanyang Latin America Scholarship - Fueled by both commodity and cultural interests between Latin America and Asia, the ties fostered between the two continents have grown significantly. This scholarship is designed to groom MBA talent from Latin America, who have strong professional and cultural interest in Singapore and Asia.
End Mar-16
Nanyang Global Citizen Scholarship - The Nanyang Global Citizen Scholarship is open to all individuals who have lived and/or worked in 2 or more countries - the duration in each country to be greater than a year. This scholarship is introduced to bring highly-mobile and adaptable talent who have rich experience dealing with diversity.
End Mar-16
Nanyang Early Submission
- High-calibre individuals who gained admission to the high-rated Nanyang MBA programme early will be considered for the Nanyang Early Submission Scholarship. The merit-based scholarship is set up to reward Nanyang MBA applicants who are certain and clear with their MBA ambitions. This scholarship is only applicable for those who have submitted their applications on or before 31st December 2015.
End Dec-16
Nanyang Diversity Leader
- The value placed on diversity is paramount for the Nanyang MBA. It is clearly reflected in this scholarship. Candidates who are from a minority nationality or work specialisation, can apply for the Nanyang Diversity Leader Scholarship.
End Mar-16


Coverage of tuition fees for up to 3 trimesters (≈ 12 months) only.


There is no bond attached to the scholarship.

Application procedure

Application opens in September each year and closes in end March the following year. Application for the NTU-MBA scholarship is to be submitted online via this link.

For enquiries, please contact the MBA office at nbsmba@ntu.edu.sg

Research work and duties

As a recipient of the scholarship, you may be called upon to assist in some administrative or research work of not more than 5 hours per week.

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