Liberal Arts Colleges: American Model of Creative Education

Publish Date: Feb 15, 2016

Liberal Arts Colleges are extraordinary academic institutions, that offer student-focused undergraduate education. The terms “Liberal Arts” should no way lead to an assumption, that these colleges offer education in arts solely. Usually, more than the half of degrees are awarded in arts, definitely, but not all. Science has its own firm place in liberal arts education, and it is more than possible to pursue an undergraduate degree in science in a Liberal Arts College. The main points here are: the methods of teaching, the broad knowledge delivered in various disciplines and maximum student-oriented approach.

To give a historic glance, ancient Greeks highly respected people with liberal arts education. This model of education has a long history in US education system, and it is due to this reason that liberal arts education is described as “American model” currently. In US Liberal Arts Colleges are most often private and small institutions, offering residential classes. They have higher tuitions, but encourage students to apply for generous scholarships.

Liberal Arts education boasts very attractive characteristics because of its broad interdisciplinary program. This is the reason many European academic institutions started building their undergraduate education systems based on critical and analytical thinking approach as applied in US Liberal Arts Colleges. Moreover, as opposed to American model, European educators considered awarding a degree in Liberal Arts not only in undergraduate, but also at graduate levels. The need for having an opportunity to continue the education at graduate level is dictated mainly by standardization requirements of Bologna process.  In Europe Liberal Arts Colleges can be integrated into larger Universities.

In 21st century Liberal Arts education is regarded as a drive for boosting learning and excellence. It highlights a big contrast between general art education and other types of education: professional, vocational or technical and boasts a special status.

Why Choose Liberal Arts College?

The decision to choose undergraduate education in a certain field or institution is, certainly, based on individual needs, learning preferences and career plans. When making this decision, get to know well what makes Liberal Arts Colleges stand out from the list of other colleges and Universities.

These types of small colleges offer generalist curricula, the primary goal of which is to foster creativity, boost communication and analytical skills. In other words, the reason why prospective international students choose to pursue an academic degree in a Liberal Arts College, is they learn to think, solve problems and create.  Great student engagement is the main teaching method here. And due to high interaction between students and professors, through seminars, presentations, essays, lots of teamwork and collaboration, this model of education is very popular and valuable.

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