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Lecture - Hegel and the welfare state: the income inequality problem of modern macroeconomics, CRRC Armenia

Publish Date: Jun 17, 2015

Deadline: Jun 24, 2015

Event Dates: from Jun 24, 2015 04:00 to Jun 24, 2015 05:30

Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC)-Armenia invites to attend the lecture on

“Hegel and the welfare state: the income inequality problem of modern macroeconomics”.

Lecturer: Dr. Aleksandr V. Gevorkyan


Mitigating social pressures arising from lacking equitable income distribution and emerging mobility barriers in a society, requires, among others, a serious analysis of the transformed modern welfare state. Largely unknown to macroeconomists, the source of relevant insights may be Hegel’s Philosophy of Right. Based on his dialectical foresight, Georg W.F. Hegel referred to the society’s decoupling between the laborers and the paupers and further social stratification between the lower and upper income classes early in capitalist development. In this project, the subsequent emergence of a new social contract at the cusp of industrial revolution is linked with some relevant applications in the modern post-crisis environment. In that, repositioning the macroeconomic and social value of a modern welfare state is just one piece of the puzzle. Much of the evolutionary and transformative momentum comes from the large corporate sectors’ increasing non-waged goods provisions coupled with public policy elsewhere. This then offers robust clues to tackling the old problem with the new proactive policies. Implications for sustained macroeconomic development for both advanced and developing economies follow then directly.

Short bio: Dr. Aleksandr V. Gevorkyan currently is an Assistant Professor of Economics in the Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John’s University. He is a professional economist with extensive research and teaching experience in macroeconomic policy, economic development, international financial economics, sovereign debt, labor migration, and transition economics. Dr. Gevorkyan is the author of Innovative Fiscal Policy and Economic Development in Transition Economies (Routledge, 2013 / 2011) and the Editor and Translator of How Did I Survive? by Artavazd M. Minasyan (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008). Most recent published work includes a research article The legends of the Caucasus: Economic transformation of Armenia and Georgia (in press withInternational Business Review) and a co-authored (with Otaviano Canuto) op-ed piece entitled Toward a Migration Development Bank for Transition Economies (Huffington Post; EconoMonitor; SeekingAlpha).


If interested in the lecture, please, confirm your attendance via or call at (010) 57 48 98, 57 48 68 by 12:00, June 24, 2015, mentioning your name and institutional affiliation. 


1 Alex Manoogian Str., Library Bld., CRRC-Armenia office (sixth floor, room 602)



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