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Lecture - Facing the Future: Challenges of Education, AUA

Publish Date: Oct 20, 2016

This event is a public lecture that is a part of a lecture series titled "What's Next?"

This event is a public lecture that is a part of a lecture series titled "What's Next?"

21-st century is fast. New professions evolve every year; labor market is extremely dynamic. Robots fight for their place under the sun, replacing humans in areas always considered as our domain. Most required skills relate to communication, emotional intelligence, as well as the ability to spot and solve complex problems.

Does the current education system provide an answer to any of these changes? Not really. It stays in the long outdated patterns, often valuing factual knowledge over higher-level skills, ignoring advances in content delivery and communication, not taking into account preferences and habits of Generation Y. Educational institutions that are not revisiting their model at all levels, are not going to sustain for long. As the society gets more realistic about the outcomes of traditional education, only very pragmatic and cost-efficient approaches will survive.

In this presentation we will talk about what future holds for us and how we should reform the educational system to remain modern and fit for the trilling changes that society will undergo moving forward.
The language of the event is English.

Event Organizer: AUA Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation Center (
Event Venue: PAB 308E
Contact: +374 60 612630

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