Lab.7 Art Contest At Malamegi Lab, 2017, London, UK

Publish Date: Oct 25, 2016

Deadline: Jan 25, 2017

About the creative laboratory of Malamegi

Malamegi Lab is the creative laboratory of Malamegi company. Through Malamegi Lab the company supports actively art and artists.

MALAMEGI company is a combination of artistic creativity and interior design.
Art, design, innovation, aesthetic equilibrium and high craftsmanship represent the key points of the best Italian design and characterise each MALAMEGI’s proposal.
MALAMEGI has been present in the artistic furniture accessories market for years now. Thanks to an extensive network of resellers and dealers, it offers serial works of art to the international market.
MALAMEGI collaborates with several home furniture stores and architectural and interior design firms for Public Contracts and Hotel Contracting in Italy and abroad.
In line with its corporate philosophy, MALAMEGI's artistic proposals and contact network allow the maintaining of high-quality standards.

“Passion for contemporary art has always been part of our way of thinking and living, thanks to the past and ongoing collaborations with many gifted artists”
Margherita Jedrzejewska
Malamegi CEO


The contest Malamegi LAB.7 is managed in all its parts by the creative workshop Malamegi Lab and by the Association Aps Moho, under a mandate of the Malamegi company.

To whom is the contest addressed?

The contest is addressed to professional and amateur artists, graphic designers, painters, photographers, etc.. from all over the world.

Purpose and theme of the contest

The contest is aimed at promoting the artists participating in it, giving them the opportunity to become
involved effectively in the market of art and decoration.
The artists are free to interpret personally the competition through their own sensitivity.
The theme is free.


The competition provides for the selection of 12 finalists.


12 artists will be selected for the final exhibition of the competition. The event will be held in March 2017. The exhibition opening will be accompanied by the general catalogue, distributed throughout the exhibition period. Invitations to vernissage will be sent to artists, curators, critics, journalists and media of the hosting city. Refreshments will be available.


Malamegi is raffling the creation of a new collection of works by the selection of one artist among the 12 finalists of the contest. The collaboration will enable the artist to develop an entire collection of his works that will be advertised and presented to all buyers of the commercial network.
A cooperation contract will be signed between Malamegi company and the winning artist. Through the contract, Malamegi undertakes to handle requests and sales of the new collection. Proceeds from the sales of the collection works will be paid to the artist within 30 days from purchase.
20% from the sale's amount will be deducted, in order to cover the operating expenses, commission, shipping etc. supported by Malamegi.
The collection will be composed from a minimum of 8 and to maximum of 16 works. The times, the modes of presentation and the details of the new collection will be decided between Malamegi and the winning artist just after the final exhibition of the competition.


At the end of the collective exhibition, to an artist among the 12 selected will be awarded a cash prize
of € 1,000. The award will be given based on the quality and originality of the work on display.
The winning work will remain property of the artist.
The prize is a contribution to the development of art and artist's aesthetic research.


A monographic book will be dedicated to one of the finalists.
The monography will be curated by Malamegi Lab with the support of final exhibition's curators. The book will be edited, developed, printed and distributed at Malamegi Lab expenses. Apart the copies in distibution, another ones will be added for the artist's personal use. The monograph will be printed in about 100 copies, of which 20 will be left to the artist.
The distribution of monographs will be curated by Malamegi on behalf of its best customers and collectors.

Types of works

The following types of works are admitted:

  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Mixed media
  • Digital
  • Video
  • Graphics
  • Net art
  • Other (all visual works that can be reproduced through a picture are allowed)


There are no size or material limits on works.
Each work must be presented by a picture and a description.
In case of works composed of several elements, the single image presented should group all the elements.

Participation method and deadline

Deadline: January 25, 2017 (h 24:00)

The participation fee for each artwork is € 40,00.
Payments can be made by credit / debit card, PayPal or bank transfer.
Contact details and deadlines for fee payment are included in the contest registration form.


To participate, simply fill out the registration form relating to the selected contest, which is available on the home page or right here:


Every single registration allows you to insert only one work.
It is possible to register for the same contest with more works by repeating the registration from the beginning and paying the requested fee for each work.


The 12 artists selected for the final exhibition and the 3 artists among them, to which will be assigned:
- a collaboration award for a new Malamegi collection
- a cash prize of 1,000 Euros
- a monographic book prize
will be selected by unquestionable judgment of Malamegi Lab's staff together with the artistic and commercial department of the Malamegi company.
The selection of the 12 finalists will take place the week following the closing date of the competition.
The selection of the winners will take place the next week after the end of the exhibition.
Shipping, pick up and the eventual insurance of the works for the exhibition duration are at the expense of the artists. The works of the selected artists will have to be sent to the offices of
Malamegi Lab (San Daniele del Friuli - 33038 - Ud. - Italy).
Details and shipping times will be communicated directly to the selected artists after the end of the selection process.


Winning artists will be contacted directly by Malamegi Lab for all appropriate arrangements once the selections have been concluded.
Names of the winning artists will be published on the official website of the contest ( by the following deadlines:

Notification of selected artists : February 4, 2017

Privacy policy

By registering artists agree to be bound by this agreement and accept all its parts.
Artists authorize Malamegi Lab to process artist's personal data in accordance with law.
Personal data and uploaded images will be used in accordance to the purpose of the contest.
Artists are the solely responsible for the images' content and description.

Right of modification

Malamegi Lab reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the contest, if required for a better development of the contest.

To APPLY click "Further official information" below and fill the application form.

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