Kyoto Startup Summer School - 21 August - 8 September 2017, Japan


May 31, 2017

Opportunity Cover Image - Kyoto Startup Summer School - 21 August - 8 September 2017, Japan


Interested in entrepreneurship? Have an idea for a startup? Just getting started with your team and need help?

Come learn from the best at Kyoto Startup Summer School, or KS³ for short, Japan's premier entrepreneurship program conducted fully in English, based at the KYOTO Design Lab. KS³ brings together world-class entrepreneurs and educators who are passionate about raising the next generation of entrepreneurs interested in making a lasting change in the world.


Learn the different startup skills and gain the necessary entrepreneurial mindsets.


Sessions covering various relevant must-know startup topics.


Interactive sessions with trailblazing entrepreneurs.


  • Design Thinking - Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • The Lean Startup Methodologies
  • Introduction to Software Product Development
  • Using Arduino for Mechatronics Prototyping
  • Introduction to CAD and 3D printing


  • Fundraising 101
  • Incubators and Accelerators (Startup Ecosystem)
  • How to do a great pitch
  • Global Marketing for startups
  • Developing Digital Products
  • Integrating stories into a startup
  • Nurturing entrepreneurial mindsets
  • How to start a web startup
  • How to start a hardware startup
  • How to start a technology startup
  • How to start an app startup
  • How to start a services startup

Workshop and lecture content are subject to change.


The Fabrication space is equipped for teams to create prototypes of their ideas as they work through the process of fitting their ideas to user needs. Participants will be able to use 3D Printers, many computers equipped with 3D modeling software, a wood shop and metal shop, CNC routers, laser engravers, and more! While not all students will be working on hardware startups, those who need it will find these resources invaluable.

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