This position is responsible for coordinating key marketing functions for AUA departments, working closely with the Communications Director to develop and execute processes and projects in support of the Communications and Development departments as well as AUA as a whole.
The Marketing Coordinator must thrive in a fast-paced environment and quickly comprehend and act on changing priorities when necessary. This position is the primary contact between the Communications department and outside contractors and vendors, and must demonstrate superior interpersonal communication skills.
  1. Develop and implement strategies to build strong institutional and brand identity.
  2. Manage and monitor all elements of the University brand to ensure that it remains consistent with the values, personality and objectives of the University.
  3. Work closely with all departments to understand their promotional and marketing needs and develop collateral targeted to each group.
  4. Develop the critical message that represents the university in general and for specific audiences.
  5. Plan and implement promotional campaigns in media and social networks.
  6. Oversee the development, design and production of supporting and promotional materials, such as brochures, presentations, exhibition layouts, donor recognition collateral, corporate gifts, etc.
  7. Ensure stock of promotional materials in Armenian and US offices.
  8. Perform coordination of event specific visual collateral development – marketing collateral with all relevant parties (i.e. Copywriter, Designer, and Producer) including video, e-presentation, leaflet, etc.
  9. Organize specific marketing and promotional events, as required.
  10. Perform oversight of the website.
  11. Conduct basic design tasks — letters, invitations, presentations, online banners, template designs.
  12. Identify and negotiate with vendors and negotiate favorable pricing for marketing collateral production. Handle contracts with the legal and accounting departments.
  13. Work closely with the Communications Content Coordinator to develop marketing materials to communicate the key messages with constituent groups.
  14. Assist in developing new marketing and promotional strategies for project launches.
  15. Work closely with the Institutional Research Office (IRO) and analyze institutional research data for strategic planning and key message development. 
  16. Perform other related duties as assigned by immediate supervisor(s).