Internship at the Peace Museum Vienna 2016

Publish Date: Jul 11, 2016

About program

Peace Museum Vienna is a very ambitious and meaningful project located in Vienna, Austria’s capital city. The museum strives to contribute to world peace by educating the public about peace heroes. The museum provides a physical space, which serves as a meeting point for discussions on peace, an exhibition hall, a center for the presentation of movies and documentaries as well as its wonderful peace kitchen events. It is also an educational meeting point and offers information sources for students, teachers, professors, and general visitors. Peace education is the central to both the current and long-term vision of Peace Museum Vienna.

Peace Museum Vienna is also known for its ‘Windows for Peace’, project which is the first World’s Street Peace Museum. As a street museum, it is open twenty four hours a day and charges no admission fee! The ‘Windows for Peace’ are concentrated in and around Stephansplatz in the center of Vienna. The windows are accompanied by posters and brief biographies of Peace Heroes.

PMV is committed to spreading the message of peace through various peace education programs. The target demographic for these programs are school students, who learn about peace through the lives of ‘Peace Heroes’ and how each of these heroes promoted peace in his or her own way – be it at a local or global level.


The interns will be engaged in substantive work of the museum, primarily working on: 

  • The developing content for our webpage and social media,
  • Welcoming visitors,
  • Writing a newsletter,
  • They will assist with administrative tasks from time to time,
  • Arranging meetings, keeping track of contact information,
  • They will also assist in monitoring topics of interest to the Peace Museum Vienna. 


Candidates would ideally have a background knowledge of:

  • Social Media,
  • Wordpress,
  • Very good level of English is a MUST!
  • Other languages, especially Germans are very welcomed. 

Peace Museum Vienna is looking for interns in the following capacities: . Web development . Social Media and Public outreach . Fundraising . Museum management . Peace Education The Peace Museum Vienna is interested in young people who either have a degree or are working towards a Bachelor or a Masters degree in any of the following fields: Peace Studies, Communications, International Relations, Media Studies, Political Economy, Security Studies, etc.  


The intern/s will have a unique opportunity to contribute to the world peace while working with very experienced experts in the field of peace studies, and at the same time will have a chance to experience and network in Vienna, the beautiful capital city of Austria.

Applications from other candidates will also be considered. The internship is preferably full time, although will consider part time internships as well. 

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