International Student Poster Competition 2017, Macedonia

Publish Date: Jul 03, 2017

Deadline: Oct 30, 2017

International Student Poster Competition, Skopje 2017

PLAKART in partnership with Museum of City of Skopje announce the competition of 10. International Student Poster Competition, Skopje 2017. The project is carried out with support by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia, AUG Design from Czech Republic and several external associates and design projects from Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Serbia, Germany, USA, Russia.

Open call for submissions

We invite all students on BA, MA and PhD studies of fine arts, design, visual arts, to enter the 10th International Student Poster Competition until 30 October, 2017 (CET 00:00 hours).

This year the Council of International Student Poster Competition decided to put accent on the issue of the Artificial Intelligence. We invite students to do their creative work, make buzz and create messages that will inspire many, to engage maybe few but to contribute to raising the awareness of general public, but mainly to policy-makers and business heavyweights.


Is there interesting controversies you would underline or open questions that you are as well willing to answer?

Are super-intelligent robots that accomplish goals with excellence are treat to us? In this phase of raising power of technology, can we – as smartest beings – control the automated robots? What are your thoughts about the future of artificial intelligence and what it should mean for humanity? Is there any misconceptions or challenges we have to face?

Those are few of many questions that surely will inspire different interpretations!

We encourage people, both in and outside the design and cultural community, to join this movement! Try to create and provoke an attention that will grow in to international movement, campaign. Explain/complain/create and achieve higher standards of visual communication and visualize your thinking.

As designers we are obligated to act toward solving problems or pointing out solutions. Therefor we are going to create and provoke a global action, first by inviting students to participate for the competition, then by inviting the professional designers and by several social campaign actions in order to raise awareness.

Encouraging young talents

The organizer of this competition will continue promoting young artist and their posters around the globe, creating traveling exhibitions on all continents. One of the goals of this project is to merge the students from world academies and Europe in the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

“Artificial Intelligence” competition is yet another project of ours that provides to students a base for cultural interchange and unconditional artistic involvement. Realizing the importance of technology and its influence on our lives and consideration of the common advantages/disadvantages that A.I. revolution has to offer to humanity shall help us understand its value, predestination and relevance.


Winners (2 equal main awards)

1. Invitation to Skopje, Macedonia and participation in jury work and VIP access at the 11. Skopje Poster Festival activities (fully covered expenses)

2. Organization of poster exhibition in Museum of City of Skopje during SPF 2018

3. Set of special selection of catalogues from Plakart and Skopje Poster Festival

4. Award Certificate endorsed by all supporting parts

5. Right to become skopjeposter blogger with dedicated web address at the official site of Skopje Poster (marketing support by out team is included) 

Special Award(1) and Honorary Mentions(7)

1. Special Jury Award Certificate or Honorary Mention Certificate

2. Right to use 50% discount on catalogues from Skopje Poster Online Shop

3. Right to become skopjeposter blogger with dedicated web address at the official site of Skopje Poster (marketing support by out team is included)

Finalist/shortlisted poster authors (not including winners, special award and honorary mentions)

1. Participation in the main 2018 Skopje Poster Festival exhibition and all post-review exhibitions

2. Right of use 25% discount on catalogues from Skopje Poster Online Shop

3. Letter of Acknowledgement (per request)

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