Institute of Photonic Sciences Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researcher, Spain

Publish Date: Nov 23, 2015

Deadline: Dec 31, 2015

Institute of Photonic Sciences Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researcher

The ICFOnest+ Postdoctoral Program, partially supported by the Marie Curie Actions for Co-funding of Regional, National, and International Programmes (COFUND) of the European Commission, the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO), as well as by Fundacio Privada Cellex, aims at providing high-level training and support for outstanding international researchers in the early stages of their careers. ICFO will provide cutting edge facilities as well as a stimulating, international and interdisciplinary environment to help Fellows become successful future research leaders.

ICFO offers up to 25 INCOMING postdoctoral fellowships of 24 month duration to competitive international postdoctoral researchers, with ambitious research projects at the forefront of science and technology. ICFOnest+ postdoctoral researchers will work within an existing ICFO research group.

Research lines at ICFO include but are not limited to

- biomedical optics and biophotonics
- nanoscopy and super-resolution imaging
- nanotechnology and nanophotonics
- nonlinear optics and atom optics
- quantum optics and quantum information
- atto-science and ultrafast physics
- optical sensing and optoelectronics
- green technologies and photovoltaics
- graphene physics and nanomaterials
- single-molecule physics
- ultracold quantum matter physics
- advanced laser technology

In terms of eligibility a candidate must comply with the following requirements:

1. Have not spent more than 12 months of the prior 24 months in Spain, and not be Spanish citizens/residents. Spanish citizens may apply however if they spent at least 3 years immediately prior the application deadline in a country other than Spain.

2. Be in possession of a PhD degree at the time of the application cut-off-point.

3. Have not been awarded the PhD degree more than 5 years prior to the application deadline. Exceptions are made for documented periods of parental leave. Women may claim up to 12 months for child, for a maximum of 3 years.

4. Be first author in at least one publication (either submitted, accepted, in print or published). Copies may be requested.

5. Provide complete documentation requested for application.

Exceptions to the PhD degree requirements will be made for women with children and other documented career breaks. Persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. No restrictions of citizenship or gender apply to the ICFOnest+ Postdoctoral Program.


The ICFOnest+ Postdoctoral Fellows will be hired by ICFO on a standard employment contract of 24-month duration to perform his/her duties within an existing ICFO research group. Salary and economic conditions are aligned with standard European Marie Curie programs (gross salary in the range 40,000 EUR / 55,000 USD).

Applications should be submitted online via the corresponding call at ICFOjobs, our job openings site and online application interface, available at

The application to the ICFOnest+ Postdoctoral Program is a two-step procedure:


Suitable candidates are requested to submit:
- A presentation letter with a declaration of interests, including an explicit indication of the potential ICFO research group(s) that may be of interest,
- An updated complete Curriculum Vitae, including: full address, a contact phone number and e-mail address (and indicating any career breaks), and full list of publications,
- A copy of the PhD degree (if available at the time of application, or certificate stating the planned award date of the PhD degree),
- As part of the application material, and within deadline, applicants should have contacted their two referees whom they have listed in their application form, asking them to submit reference letters to the ICFOnest+ Screening Committee. The reference letters must be submitted electronically directly by the referees to (mailing label: candidate name + "ICFOnest+").

Once an application has been submitted, the candidate will receive an acknowledgement of receipt together with an application reference number for further enquires and the upcoming revision deadline. Updates of application material will only be possible within this deadline.


Applicants that pass the first evaluation stage will be informed about this decision and asked to submit:
- A 2-pages research proposal indicating the ICFO research area/s of main interest.
Applicants will be invited to get in touch with ICFO Group Leaders in the scientific area of their choice, in order to discuss with them the possible lines of investigation. Deadline for submitting the Research Proposal will be indicated to the corresponding applicants.

Applications can be submitted on a rolling basis until June 30, 2016, or until positions have been filled. Applications will be collated and reviewed in batches every 3 months (deadlines), with the current deadline being December 31, 2015, and the upcoming deadline for the next batch being March 31, 2016.

Candidates may contact for enquiries regarding the application.

For updated information about the ICFOnest+ Postdoctoral Program, please visit

For updated information about ICFO, please visit


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