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Indian Institute of Management Online Course - People Management for Entrepreneurs

Opportunity Cover Image - Indian Institute of Management Online Course - People Management for Entrepreneurs

People Management for Entrepreneurs

Learn human resources best practices to enhance your business culture and be an effective people manager.

About this course

All entrepreneurs, by definition are people managers. As founder and owners, they hire people, groom them, motivate them, and harness their talent towards effective management of enterprise. Yet most entrepreneur believe that effective people management is common sense and is acquired through life experience.

While there is some truth to this belief, people management is also a science .It also comprises of principles, procedures and systems that need to be in place as the enterprise begin to groom. Many owners agree that in today’s economy people are the key differentiators in small and medium businesses.

The objective of the course is to create awareness on :

  • The key principles of people management.
  • Critically understand how HR practices contribute to the enterprise sustainability in the long run.
  • Understand the role that owner/founders play in creating high performing organization.

The best ideas and strategies are of no consequence without the right people to translate them to action and we would aim at throwing some light on these aspects.

What you'll learn

  • To appreciate the role of entrepreneurs as people managers.
  • How to implement human resources practices to build a sustainable enterprise.
  • To understand and appreciate the role systems and processes play in effective people management.
  • To enhance effectiveness in harnessing human capital for long-term sustainability of the venture.

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Eligible Countries
Publish Date
February 11, 2017


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