Summer School - Multi Professional Care in Disaster Management, 8 - 19 July 2019, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Netherlands

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht


June 01, 2019


Event Date:

July 08, 2019 - July 19, 2019

Opportunity Cover Image - Summer School - Multi Professional Care in Disaster Management, 8 - 19 July 2019, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Netherlands

Multi-Professional Care in Disaster management

This course is for Nursing, Integral safety-management, BMH and allied healthcare and safety-management students and workers who want to develop new skills and learn and orientate themselves in an international context. This course focuses on disaster medicine and public health preparedness in the context of Acute care and Crew Resource management in a multi-disciplinary working environment. The course will cover the Dutch / European way of disaster management: the structure, planning and organization of the various participating organizations. However, during the course, emphasis is also placed on the exchange of differences and similarities. Together, students can and will create an international view on disaster management.

Health care and safety workers, like nurses, safety- and riskmanagers must deal with the challenges of a continuously changing world. Virus outbreaks, terrorist attacks, floods and other disasters are becoming more common, and are increasing in intensity. They thus disrupt entire societies. In some areas these disasters are more common than in others. To manage these disruptive events, it is of utmost importance to be prepared and cooperate with diverse disciplines and vital partners  It then comes down to a good preparation, good cooperation and a clear professional direction.
The emphasis is on disaster and crisis management . Think of themes such as events policy (crowd management), threatening disruptions of public order and aggression and violence (among others against aid workers). But also to the approach to terrorism, dangerous conflict situations and large-scale threats to health care.

In this inter-disciplinary working environment and intercultural context, we challenge the students to experience elements of their own workfield and expertise to combine this with their role as health care and safety management professionals. This course is very interactive and includes visits to the workfield.

Course director

Marscha Ensermo


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€ 600.00
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€ 350.00

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