Herzog August Bibliothek Post-doctoral Fellowships, Germany

Publish Date: Nov 13, 2015

Deadline: Jan 31, 2016


The purpose of the Fellowship Programme of the Herzog August Bibliothek (HAB) is to offer researchers from Germany and abroad whose projects would benefit from using the library's holdings the opportunity to begin, continue or conclude such a project. Fellowships have a minimum duration of two and a maximum of 12 months. Invitations (Nr. 6) are issued for a maximum of three months.


A fellowship can only be awarded to a candidate with a doctorate or equivalent scholarly publications.


Fellowships are awarded with the proviso that sufficient budgetary means for the stated period of the award are available. There is no legal entitlement to an awarded fellowship. Fellowships can be taken up on the 1st or the 15th of each month. The interruption or postponement of a fellowship is only possible in exceptional circumstances and in agreement with the HAB. Fellows conduct their research in Wolfenbüttel. The fellowship is awarded in the expectation that the fellow sees his or her guest status as an obligation to be in study residence in Wolfenbüttel, to participate in the activities of the HAB and in the Fellows' Colloquia. Unavoidable short-term absences are to be agreed with the Fellowship Programme. The fellowship is granted provisionally and can be revoked if it beacomes clear that statements made in the application are untrue or if the conditions attached to the fellowship are not being met. Notification of changes in the economic status of the fellow after submission of an application must be made and can lead to an adjustment of the sum of fellowship. Fellows are obliged to submit a report at the end of their stay.

Fellowship awards

Decisions on awards are made by the Director of the HAB in consultation with the Library’s Advisory Board. Independent referees can be asked to provide an assessment of applications. Guiding factors in awarding fellowships are the research qualifications of the applicant, the research significance of his or her project and the degree to which the holdings of the HAB are necessary to it. 

Fellowship allowance

Fellowships can awarded as full or part fellowships.

Full Fellowship

The full fellowship is primarily intended for young researchers who have not taken up a permanent position. It is also meant for scholars who take unpaid research leave. The monthly fellowship allowance is 1.800 EUR. A travel subsidy can be granted to cover the cost of travel to and from Wolfenbüttel.

Part Fellowship The part fellowship is intended for researchers from Germany and abroad, who will be receiving their salaries at their home institutions and will be conducting their research at the HAB outside the semester or during a sabbatical. The monthly fellowship allowance is 1.250 EUR. A travel subsidy can be granted to cover the cost of travel to and from Wolfenbüttel.


The HAB can also issue invitations of between one and three months outside the normal application procedure to prominent researchers from Germany and abroad to work with the library's holdings. The fellowship allowance is 1.250 EUR. A travel subsidy is usually only given to scholars from Eastern Europe.

Insurance, taxes

Fellowships do not constitute employment. Fellowships are not classed as income according to German law (i.e. der §§ 18, 19 EStG). Payments under the fellowship are not wages or salary in the sense of § 14 SGB IV (Sozialgesetzbuch). Fellowships are tax free according to § 3 Nr. 44 EStG and do not affect rates of tax progression. Irrespective of this, responsibility for clarifying his or her tax situation rests solely with the fellow. In cases of doubt a definitive decision can only be obtained from the fellow's own local tax office. For the duration of the fellowship fellows must have valid medical insurance to cover any costs incurred in the BRD. Proof of insurance cover must be provided before the fellowship begins. If foreign fellows are unable to provide proof of cover or sufficient cover, the HAB can act as an intermediary in securing insurance via group insurance offered by the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD). Insurance costs must be paid for by the fellow. No fellowship may be taken up without insurance cover.


It is expected that fellows will publish the results of their research promptly. They are obliged make adequate mention of their fellowships in any publications based on research connected with it and to supply the library with the relevant complimentary copies or offprints of such publications.

Concluding terms

These regulations come into force on 1.1.2011 and cease to be valid on 31.12.2016.

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