Hertie School of Governanc Law Scholarship 2018, Germany

Publish Date: Nov 30, 2017

Deadline: Feb 01, 2018

Hertie School Law Scholarship

Who is it for?

All law graduates who wish to combine their legal knowledge with a degree in public policy or international affairs to be ideally prepared for the complex challenges facing tomorrow’s leaders in public administration.

What is it?

Two full tuition waivers for the MPP and MIA programmes, each worth 32,500 EUR. In addition, law fellows will be matched with a mentor from a German ministry who will be available for questions and career advice.

How to apply

There is no separate deadline for this scholarship. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted on a rolling basis and interviewed by a faculty member of the Hertie School.

Master of Public Policy/Master of International Affairs


  • Tuition for the two-year MPP and MIA programmes at the Hertie School is currently 32,500 euros (8,125 euros per semester). 

Tuition deposit

  • A 1,500 euros tuition deposit (non-refundable) is required in order to secure a place in the incoming class (MPP and MIA).
  • This payment is part of the first semester tuition.
  • Admission is allocated on a rolling basis, thus the payment deadline for the tuition deposit varies, and is determined by the date of each candidate’s application. 
  • Candidates will be given this deadline in their notification of admission, and will also receive a Study Agreement Form, which must be submitted along with the tuition deposit. 
  • Candidates will typically be notified of admission six weeks before the tuition deposit and the Study Agreement Form are due.

Executive Master of Public Administration


The tuition fee for the programme is 32,500 euros, regardless of whether it is completed in one or two years (2-year programme: 8,125 euros per semester; 1-year programme: 16,250 euros per semester).

Tuition deposit

  • A 1,500 euros tuition deposit (non-refundable) is required in order to secure a place in the incoming class.
  • This payment is part of the first semester tuition.
  • All admitted students will receive further details with their acceptance package.

Doctoral programmes

  • The Hertie School of Governance does not charge tuition for its Doctoral Programme in Governance or the Berlin School of Transnational Studies, but requires that all admitted candidates secure the financial means to support the three-year doctoral programme in Berlin.
  • Applicants can be admitted without a stipend offer, but they need to prove that they have the financial means to support their studies when they start the doctoral programme. These means can come from sources such as third party stipends, paid positions in research or other part-time positions.
  • Please note that candidates who work full-time cannot be admitted to the programme.
  • We therefore ask each candidate to explain their personal circumstances and how they intend to support themselves during the three-year doctoral programme as part of the online application procedure.
  • Because of the limited number of stipends that the Hertie School can offer, we strongly recommend that you prepare an application for a third party stipend when you apply to the Doctoral Programme in Governance.
  • Please note that stipend applications usually need to be submitted 6 months prior to the beginning of the doctoral programme. An offer of admission is often required by the funder.

Campus fee

All matriculated students must pay the current campus fee of 293.80 euros* per semester. Part-time students in the Executive MPA pay 100 euros as they are not eligible for a public transport ticket. PhD students pay a reduced campus fee of 278.80 euros.

The campus fee includes:

  • A service fee of 100 euros (PhD students: 85 euros). The fee includes access to all services provided by the ‘Berliner Studentenwerk’ (student cafeterias, university sports, Berlin student counselling), as well as additional on-campus services (psychological support for Hertie students, provision of student business cards at the start of the programme, printer credit).
  • The cost for the Berlin public transport ticket of currently 193.80 euros (spring semester 2017). The price for the ticket will slightly increase in future semesters.

Administrative fees

  • Leave of absence: After their first year of study, students can interrupt the MPP or MIA programme for up to one year if the study goals are not put at risk. They need to issue a leave of absence request to the Examination Committee. A one-off administrative fee of 300 euros is charged is charged to cover the additional costs caused by the leave of absence.
  • Prolongation of studies: Students who extend their studies beyond the standard duration of 24 months due to a failed assignment or examination shall be charged a one-off administrative fee of 500 euros to cover the additional costs. Students who extend their studies due to illness, pregnancy, or care-giving reasons (childcare, family illness) are exempt from this fee.

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