Global Business Management Course, Thailand

Publish Date: Mar 15, 2016


Business is an ever-popular option for Regent’s students. More than ever, young people are wanting to run their own businesses and the BTEC courses can give you a valuable head start when it comes to the skills and training needed to succeed in the business world.

Our courses offer tomorrows entrepreneurs an inspirational way of acquiring the knowledge and confidence to make their business aspirations a reality. A range of six detailed pathways are covered – Finance, Management, Marketing, Law, Administration are available for those who want to specialize, whilst all the courses still cover the essentials of general business knowledge.


Management trainees (entry level) in various business & financial firms, progressing up to middle & higher management positions in chosen specialties.


Entry onto the final year of an undergraduate degree at a UK university. Other course options available at universities worldwide.


Students with IELTS Level 5 or equivalent.

*In absence of an official IELTS score, Regent’s provides its own English language testing.

Entry will be dependent on acceptance onto the course by the Regent’s enrollment committee.


Semester 1

Unit number
Course Name
Unit Level
Unit Credits
  Total Credits60
1 Business Environment 4 15
2 Managing Financial Resource and decision 4 15
3 Organizations and Behavior 4 15
4 Marketing Principles 4 15

Semester 2

Unit number
Course Name
Unit Level
Unit Credits
  Total Credits45
5 Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business 4 15
6 Business Decision Making 4 15
7 Business Strategy 4 15

Semester 3

Unit number
Course Name
Unit Level
Unit Credits
  Total Credits60
13 Personal and Professional Development 4 15
14 Working with and Leading People 4 15
15 Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results 4 15
16 Managing Communication, Knowledge and Information 4 15

Semester 4

Unit number
Course Name
Unit Level
Unit Credits
  Total Credits20
8 Research Project 5 20

Semester 5

Unit number
Course Name
Unit Level
Unit Credits
  Total Credits50
11 Financial System and Auditing 5 15
19 Marketing Planning 5 15
48 Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation 5 20

Semester 6

Unit number
Course Name
Unit Level
Unit Credits
  Total Credits15


1. Applicants must fill in the application form and submit all the required documents.

2. Applicants must sit a written admissions test provided by the Admissions Office, as well as an interview from the Academic Head. The processes will take around 2 -3 hours.

3. The Admissions Officer will inform the applicant of the decision within 1 to 2 working days.


Applicants must submit the following documents with their application.

- Copy of Thai ID card (for Thai)
- Copy of Passport (for foreigner)
- Copy of Household Registration
- Copy of current school/college/university report (latest report)
- Copy of employees card/ID (if any)
- 2 photos (1 or 2 inches)
- Applications fees of 3,500 Baht**

**( Price includes English/aptitude test and interview)


How will I know that my application has been received?
We will acknowledge receipt of your application by email within 24 hours of receiving it. If you do not receive a notice of receipt within two weeks of submitting your application, please email

How will I know if my application is incomplete?
We will communicate with you by email in regards to your application. Please set your email spam filter to accept communications from Regent’s — in particular from the following email addresses – and

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