Call for Proposals in Any Field of Science 2017 - The French National Research Centre

Publish Date: Sep 12, 2016

Deadline: Oct 27, 2016

Generic Call for Proposals

ANR has published its fourth consecutive Generic Call for Proposals. The Generic Call is ANR's main call for proposals for the 2016 financial year, open to all scientific disciplines and types of research, from basic research to applied research carried out in partnership with private companies, including SMEs and VSEs.

The scientific fields and themes targeted by the Generic Call are laid out in detail in ANR’s Work Programme 2017.

Generic Call for Proposals 2017 and two-stage evaluation:
The first stage consists of the online submission of a 3-page pre-proposal. Pre-proposals will be reviewed according to a method described in the Generic Call for Proposals. Pre-proposal coordinators selected at the outcome of the first stage will be invited to submit a 20-page full proposal online. Full proposals will be reviewed during the second evaluation stage according to a separate method also described in the Generic Call for Proposals. New for 2017, project coordinators will be able to respond to opinions issued by peer reviewers during the second stage.



Most of the funding allocated by ANR via its calls for proposals originate from the operating grant assigned to it by the French Ministry of Research. Part of said funding is contributed however by other structures with which ANR has forged partnerships. Those made with the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) and the Secretariat-General for National Defence and Security (SGDSN) in particular offer opportunities to fund or co-fund proposals which complement ANR’s specific operating budget.

International collaboration

In order to facilitate international collaboration, ANR has concluded bilateral agreements with counterpart agencies. Projects which come under this framework (International Collaborative Research Projects, “PRCI”) are included in the Generic Call for Proposals but are subject to a specific evaluation process (specific single-stage submission and evaluation, preceded by a mandatory registration of intention to submit).

The definitive list of agreements established by ANR for the 2017 call will be published on ANR’s website by 15 September 2016 at the latest. All corresponding annexes will be made available by 30 September at the latest. For all PRCI-type collaborations, applicants should refer to the annexes for the Generic Call, which details specific procedures and eligible themes on a country-by-country basis.

Additionally, cooperations with foreign partners from other countries or foreign partners not seeking funding from one of ANR’s partner agencies may take place within the PRC or PRCE instruments, both of which are subject to Generic Call’s two-stage evaluation process.

General information

Closing date for submission of full proposals (for the coordinators invited to submit a second-stage proposal): Early April 2017 (the closing time/date will be indicated in the invitation to submit a full proposal)

Downloads Documents

ANR Work Programme 2017
2017 Funding (See in the further official information below this article.)
Consult the Generic Call’s overall timetable

Release date of the call:
Monday 5 September 2016
Deadline for submission of pre-proposals:
Thursday 27 October 2016 13:00
Deadline for submission of proposals:
Monday 3 April 2017 13:00

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