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Full-time and Extramural Bachelor's and Master's Programs in English Studies, Poland

Publish Date: Mar 09, 2016

Please visit Global Education Fair 2016 in Yerevan (14 May 2016, Best Western Congress Hotel, Picasso Hall ) for more information about this program and scholarship opportunities

The Institute of English Studies  of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities runs full-time and extramural Bachelor's and Master's programs in English Studies. 

We use a modular program of the organization of teaching, which enables students to gain knowledge, abilities and social skills most effectively.There are obligatory, selective and specialized modules which range from 45h to 90h (full time students) and 40h to 60h (extramural students). The number of ECTS points per module is from 3 to 9.Our educational programs give all students the same level of linguistic background, no matter what specialization they choose.

Hence, during their studies all our students can look at the English language from a professional point of view and analyze it bit by bit, both theoretically and practically. Our Practical English classes use modern technology, such as computer labs, Moodle and advanced e-learning platforms, and interactive whiteboards.

English in Business and Media

Those who take up this path will learn and practice English for Specific Purposes in small groups by performing various exercises and working on original texts based in the field of business and media. Apart from expanding their vocabulary, students will have a chance to gain practical information and will be introduced to the basics of marketing, economy, public relations and skills such as blog-writing and other internet related activities.

Modules – examples

English for Business Purposes

  • Basics of Management
  • Micro and Macroeconomic Business Environment
  • Business Environment

Business Terminology and Translation

  • Workshop in Business Translation
  • Workshop in Technical Translation
  • Workshop in Legal Translation

Translation studies

Those who take up this path will learn the rules of translating of a variety of texts from Polish to English and from English to Polish. They will practice the techniques and methods of work of interpreters and translators. They will be shown the newest computer tools which support the translator's work. Thus, they acquire a solid base for further development in the field of translating/ interpreting.

Modules – examples

Introduction to Specialized Translation

  • Translator's Tools
  • Workshop in LSP Translation

Culture in Translation

  • Culture in Translation
  • B.A. Workshop in Translation of Literary Texts

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

We offer a wide range of options for prospective teachersA large array of courses is designed to expand our students' knowledge of psycholinguistics, pedagogy and teaching methods. The students are shown how to approach their pupils properly. They learn how to pass down their knowledge, skills and abilities, but also passion and devotion for teaching. Those who take up this path will be introduced to various approaches and teaching methods which they can adopt to master the teaching profession.

Modules – examples

Fundamental Concepts in English Language Teaching

  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Methods and Techniques of TEFL

Pedagogical Aspects of Language and Communication

  • Language Pedagogy
  • Teaching for Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Voice Emission

Please visit Global Education Fair 2016 in Yerevan (14 May 2016, Best Western Congress Hotel, Picasso Hall ) for more information about this program and scholarship opportunities

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