Fresenius University of Applied Sciences 3D-Mind & Media (B.A.), Germany

Publish Date: Dec 17, 2015

Fresenius University of Applied Sciences 3D-Mind & Media (B.A.)

3D Mind & Media primarily defines creativity and self-dependence as efficiency factors in today's society. Computer technologies will increasingly change and simplify behaviour and structures in our achievement-oriented societies, but cannot replace creativity.

The 3D Mind & Media (3D-MM) degree course helps students to enter the world of three-dimensional thinking and creating.
Visions, processes, and solutions are created and highlighted using the latest 3D technology and brainstorming sessions into the surreal. The course focuses on the critical observation of society's needs and economic options as well as on palpable 3D development and implementation of the students' own ideas using research and partner projects. 3D-MM graduates will possess entrepreneurial skills and 3D design knowledge, lending them the confidence and assertiveness for realising visions and holding management positions around the globe and with a focus on achievement.
Notable 3D software development cooperation partners are also responsible for technical and professional 3D expertise.

Topics covered by the Course

You will study at one of the attractive Fresenius University of Applied Sciences campuses in Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, or Idstein.

Right from the start during your first semester, you will meet 3D design as a substantial part of the offering. Complementary mandatory modules such as design theory, art history, and idea engineering will round off your entry into new structures of thinking.

The second semester continues with a project as a means to practically consolidate your 3D knowledge. This is enhanced by managerial basics in business studies, law, and project management as well as by discussion topics in philosophy and social sciences.

Your third semester will see you venturing out into 3D motion design. In equal measure, you will learn about storyboarding and dramaturgy, and examine management and solution-oriented leadership development more in depth.
In your fourth semester, 3D design will be complemented by interactive application. Together with an industrial or commercial enterprise, you will start a research project and continue working on it during the fifth semester until you complete your Bachelor's degree.

As an alternative, you can spend your fifth semester abroad at New York City's Berkeley College, followed by an internship. This semester also gives you the option of implementing a cooperation project complemented by an internship.

Career Opportunities

With its focus on 3D design and its parallel orientation on self-dependent and managerial competencies, our Bachelor of Arts in 3D Mind & Media introduces graduates to the global, creative working environment of the future-oriented business and media industry in

  • Product and industrial design
  • Business consultancies
  • Digital art
  • Advertising and design agencies
  • TV, film and animation
  • Trade show design
  • Event management businesses
  • Cross-media
  • PR and marketing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Art and culture
  • Public relations
  • Visual effects
  • Game design / entertainment

Possible job titles:

  • Art director
  • Designer
  • 3D designer
  • Game designer
  • 3D producer
  • Communication designer
  • 3D interactive designer
  • Conceptual designer
  • Product designer
  • Industrial designer
  • 3D artist
  • CGI designer
  • Digital artist
  • Marketing manager
  • Brand manager
  • R&D designer
  • Motion designer
  • Creative director
  • Project manager
  • Design event manager

Entry Requirements

In order to study at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, applicants need to provide proof of the required qualification for university entrance. The following are acceptable:

  • "Allgemeine Hochschulreife" (German Abitur, or general qualification for university entrance)—qualifies you to study at any university in any of the German federal states;
  • "Fachgebundene Hochschulreife" (or restricted qualification for university entrance)—qualifies you to study a course in the subject area and the German federal states mentioned on the certificate;
  • "Fachhochschulreife" (or qualification for university of applied sciences entrance)—qualifies you to study at a university of applied sciences or to complete a Bachelor's/Master's degree at a university in the German federal states mentioned on the certificate;
  • In addition, all applicants need to complete a creative qualifying examination.

Applicants with a Fachgebundene Hochschulreife or a Fachhochschulreife, but whose certificate does not mention the federal states of Sachsen or Hesse, should contact our toll-free information hotline (in Germany) on 0 800 3 400 400—we'll be happy to help!

Application Process

NEW: The Online Application Portal of Hochschule Fresenius, University of Applied Sciences. Take the opportunity to apply quickly and easily for your favourite degree course or vocational training!

University applicants need to enter the following final documents in their entirety:

  • Application form (download)
  • Certified copy of qualification for university entrance
  • Copy of ID card
  • Written confirmation of statutory health insurance coverage or, if applicable, written confirmation of exemption from statutory health insurance coverage
  • Only if you have previously studied at a university: Written confirmation of removal from student register
  • Only if you have previously studied economics: Written confirmation of credits
  • Binding statement (see application form, page 3)
  • Recent photograph

Students who are enrolled at universities in the Federal Republic of Germany are required to have statutory health and nursing care insurance coverage. This is why, prior to their proper enrolment at the university, applicants need to contact their statutory health insurer to receive the required written confirmation of insurance coverage. Applicants with private health insurance coverage need written confirmation of their exemption from statutory health insurance coverage. It is solely the statutory health insurer who, upon receipt of a proof of private health insurance coverage, can provide this written confirmation.

(Written confirmation of private health insurance coverage, proof of coverage periods, copies of health insurance cards, etc. are no acceptable methods of proof.)
Please contact us if you need a detailed information sheet on health and nursing care insurance for students as well as a sample of the required written confirmation to show to your health insurer.

Please don't hesitate to contact our toll-free information hotline (in Germany) on 0 800 3 400 400—we'll be happy to help!

If your application documents are not complete, please mention the reason for their absence and also the estimated date for handing them in later. If your qualification for university entrance is not present at the time of your application (e.g., you are currently sitting your Abitur), we will still welcome your application. Please mention the fact that, for instance, you are in the middle of your exams, and add a copy of your most recent school report. Please submit a certified copy of the required proof of your qualification for university entrance as soon as you have received it.

Please send your application to the following address
Hochschule Fresenius
Stichwort: Bewerbung "campus" (Cologne, Munich or Hamburg)
Im MediaPark 4c
D - 50670 Köln

Application closing dates
For the summer semester: 31 January
For the winter semester: 31 Juli

Fees and Financing Options

Die Fresenius University of Applied Sciences is a privately funded university with state-approved degree courses, but without state funding. This is why we need to demand fees for our courses.

  • Costs: EUR 750 per month
  • Average course duration: 36 months

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