ESMOD BERLIN International University of Art for Fashion International Masters Programme – Sustainability in Fashion 2017, Germany

ESMOD BERLIN International University of Art for Fashion

Opportunity Cover Image - ESMOD BERLIN International University of Art for Fashion International Masters Programme – Sustainability in Fashion 2017, Germany


In 2011 ESMOD Berlin launched an International Masters Programme – Sustainability in Fashion. The innovative programme takes a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to design positioning itself as ecologically, ethically, socially and economically sustainable. The 3 semester course symbiotically unifies research, education, practice and business to inspire students to explore new solutions with critical rigour.

Located in one of the worlds most historically rich, artistically experimental and vibrant cities, the course attracts students from all over the world, creating a truly intercultural study environment. Because of its practical and international orientation, the English taught course is unique worldwide. ESMOD has a long history of producing highly talented creative professionals, and participating in a course at ESMOD ensures that each graduate will be excellently poised to pursue a career in the international fashion industry.

In the above video the current student group introduce their Master projects, giving you an insight into the broad and forward thinking aims of the course.


The course facilitates a successful entrance into leadership positions and entrepreneurship within the international fashion industry. Taking part in workshops, colloquiums and excursions as well as a practical exchange abroad provides students with a deeper understanding of the industry.

The hands-on approach encourages students to explore aspects of sustainability in developing design strategies and methods for the future, as well as providing access to innovative materials, technologies and production techniques. The creative development of the students is stimulated by the extensive yet focused approach to innovation. Sustainability in Fashion enables students to take existing restrictions as a chance to develop new, courageous and progressive fashion concepts.

Sustainability in fashion means creating a new awareness in the fashion business, and a lasting influence in style.


  • Ecological
  • Ethical and social
  • Economically sustainable


  • Implementation of sustainable ways of thinking and acting
  • Impetus for innovation
  • Development of visions and design strategies for the implementation of sustainable methods
  • Access to innovative materials, techniques and methods of production
  • Visions for trade, productions and communication
  • Creation of new business models
  • Creative progression
  • Development of a personal design statement


  • Knowledge
  • Finding new strategic solutions
  • Developing business projects
  • Expanding international networks
  • Expanding personal objectives




Sustainability within the fashion industry is investigated throughout the course, in particular within the textile industry and product lifecycles. Pertinent issues are identified and explored, and solutions are found utilizing the concepts and skills studied throughout the year.


Designed to stimulate new ways of thinking, and the creation of innovative approaches and unique strategies, the course aims to catalyze the students' capacity for influencing more sustainability in the textile industry and product lifecycles. Exploring various forerunners in sustainable design, the course then pushes the students to turn obstructions and constraints into bold and progressive fashion concepts.


A wide range of textile materials and production procedures is covered, demonstrating the possibilities and limitations of ecological textile and apparel production. The course also explores toxicological aspects of fibre production, color, equipment and production.


Through the lens of sustainability, the international fashion market is analysed and traditional structures are questioned. Sustainable business models are becoming more and more important in the changing market structure, and the course focuses on supporting fashion's contribution to a better future for consumers, producers, and all involved in the process.

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