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Translation Is a Mission to Connect Cultures

If you have excellent writing skills in your native language, as well as very good reading and comprehension skills in other languages, then a translator’s career might be of interest to you. An important aspect to consider is that writing and comprehension skills are not enough. There is a big cultural component is translator’s work. Translation is a mission: a task to connect cultures, discover new worlds for readers and take them to new horizons. The translator passes the spirit of the text and the impact, that it is supposed to have on the reader. If you are to translate a joke, then you have no way out, but to make the reader laugh.

The best way to get acquainted with foreign is to spend some time in the source country and get to know people, traditions, food, humor, literature and the rest closer. And yes, read, read, read a lot!

Not all the best translators have a degree in translation, though a degree level education is always an asset. Many of them have background in writing, literature, etc. But what is certainly beyond doubts, all of them work a lot to develop skills. And this is possible to achieve through trainings and certifications, internships and volunteering in the source country.

Translation is an excellent option for those, who want to make their own schedule and benefit from freelancing career. This, certainly, requires another set of skills: self-organization and time management. But is an exciting opportunity to plan your life and career.

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