Startup Research and Study Opportunities

Why Call Your Idea a Startup?

The world of business knows a lot of models and start-up is one of them. Start-up: some call it a unique business model, others a stage of operation. And what is for sure, start-up is a small number of people with limited or no funding behind a great idea.

While small in size, but big in expectations, a start-up is far from being a small business. The small business does not usually bring something new to the market. It is established for business and the owners have certain, calculated well in advance, expectations. What differentiates a start-up from small business is the idea, the innovative product that the start-up offers. And this makes the start-up quite a risky tech initiative. If the talents behind the start-up do not bring something new to the market, it will not live.

The expectations behind a start-up are certainly immense. Effective start-ups become huge businesses one day, if run accurately. A small business has its own budget and expected profit, so if it brings the estimated profit that’s fine. For a start-up the situation is different. If it does not raise funds rapidly, chances are less to survive.

Start-ups Compete and It Is Cool!

It is amazing to see how start-ups conquer the world and even compete. Hundreds of competitions a year wait for start-up to come and amaze. The awards in this field are extremely diverse: starts ups compete in speed of growth, in design, in profit, in branding and marketing, in presenting their ideas, etc. Many of these awards are an excellent opportunity to attract new investors and show up in the high tech world.


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