Public Policy Research and Study Opportunities

Degree Programs in Public Policy

The process of developing public policies is complex and takes time. It starts with identification of issues to be addressed through policies, research and analysis, consultations with public bodies and broader public, assessment of impact of these policies and, finally, their delivery. What is takes to develop and implement effective public policies? This is the main question that the academic programs on public policy or administration try to answer through critical thinking, research and skills development.

Nowadays bachelor and master degree studies in public policy are quite popular. They boast broad interdisciplinary curricula and offer lots of scholarships. Undergraduate programs on public policy help students to advance their analytical skills and explore history of public policies, as well as their economic and political impact. The programs advance not only analytical approach but also skills development. Students engage in communication and leadership classes to develop their interpersonal capacities.

Graduate programs on public policy move further with in-depth analysis of challenges that domestic and international policies face. They learn to assess the impact of policies and as well as predict their risks. Institutional capacity building comes across many of academic curricula. Students learn to assess strengths and weaknesses of governmental agencies that develop policies and reflect on how to improve those.

PhD in Public Policy

PhD programs in public policy engage outstanding students in doctoral academic research with the goal to influence and improve public policies. PhD programs apply interdisciplinary approach in analyzing priority policy issues at national and international levels.

The majority of PhD students pursue an excellent career with public agencies, research organizations, international development organizations and multinational corporations.

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