Globalisation Research and Study Opportunities

Bachelor, Master Degree and PhD in Globalization with Fellowships and Scholarships

Does globalization affect each and every one of us? Does it always bring benefits? What can we expect to get from it? Is it only about economics, trade and politics? Or does it also touch upon education, science, health, culture, migration, consumption, etc.? Is this an issue only for countries in transition or are the richer countries also affected? To what extent national economies can integrate into transnational realities and what are the future prospects? This is a brief list of issues to be analyzed and thought over by students, pursuing a degree in globalization.

Bachelor degree courses have a general look on intersections of international relations, political science, economics in the context of globalization – continuing integration into various transnational political and trade processes. Master degree programs in globalization go further with analyzing what are the policy frameworks that countries need to have for sustaining and competing effectively. This interdisciplinary program emphasizes effects of technological change and future prospects of globalization.  Students engaged in PhD programs in globalization produce original high quality research and analysis on current challenges, that globalization brings to countries in transition and its future prospects, they contribute to theoretical debate on causes and effects of globalization. Some of the graduate courses offer internship as part of studies. This is a nice chance to put in practice all those theoretical knowledge, gained in the University.

If you are interested to research and analyze what “globalization does to us”, but have tens of other responsibilities, that you can’t quit, then it is time to think of online degree global studies.

Many Universities and academic institutions offer shorter term academic and professional courses, summer and winter schools on globalization, its trends and effects.

Graduates of degree level programs on globalization have vast employment opportunities with multinational corporations, international organizations, and governmental agencies.

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