Global Studies Research and Study Opportunities

Global Studies Short and Long Term Academic Opportunities

Bachelor degree courses on global studies present rigorous interdisciplinary courses that engage students to think and analyze how globalization affects politics, economy, social progress, trade and development. The programs, certainly, explore two sides of the medal, because the globalization itself influences political decisions and policies, economic prosperity and development.  Undergraduate programs on global studies are a mix of different disciplines that help to understand integration process in a broader context of international relations.

Graduate programs are more specialized and drive students to extensive research and reading on what are those fundamental ways that globalization affects countries in transition. Management and development studies, media and communication, public policy and international law, transition economics and technological change are among those major and elective courses that graduate students can choose to complete their degree studies. It is not very difficult to find a graduate course that combines learning with practice through offering internship as part of studies.

PhD on global studies facilitates multidimensional research of various integration processes that “make globalization take place”. PhD students are well positioned to influence theoretic debates on global processes and contribute to development of academic knowledge resources. Their academic publications on global studies aim to enhance public policies and laws.

Important to note that online degree programs are also available for those, who have a tight schedule and do not want to travel for studies. Many Universities and academic institutions offer shorter term academic and professional courses, summer and winter schools on globalization, its trends and effects.

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