Eurasian Studies Research and Study Opportunities

Bachelor, Master and PhD Degree in Eurasian Studies

Eurasian region unites Central and Eastern Europe with South Caucasus. The region is a bright mix of cultures and nationalities, shared history, languages and literature. Collapse of Soviet Union brought member countries to a new reality and different integration routes. Some of the countries chose to move towards European values, while others slowly progressed to a new economic zone. Eurasian Economic Union currently unites 5 Eurasian member states and is still under full legal and institutional formation.

Academic programs on Eurasian studies apply an interdisciplinary approach in delivering disciplines on history, languages, politics and cultures of Eurasian region. Bachelor degree students are free to design their own program of study to explore historic and contemporary challenges that the region faces. One of the major focuses of the program is to analyze the links between Eurasian, European and US external policies.

If you are looking for advanced degree studies and solid skills, then the next level is the graduate program on Eurasian studies. Master degree programs focus on practical and policy oriented knowledge to analyze and assess various political processes within the region and their impact. The courses aimed at upgrading research and analytical skills are central in this program.

Those, looking for research and academic career can benefit from a pool of PhD opportunities in Europe and US. The PhD program will, definitely, require a lot of individual research, but will result in a unique academic piece and a rich academic background.

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