Diaspora Studies Research and Study Opportunities

Degree Programs on Diaspora Studies

Diaspora studies are usually regarded in the broader context of migration. The term “diaspora” was first used to characterize Jewish “scattering”. The degree programs on diaspora studies concentrate on various aspects of influence, that diaspora can have on motherland or so called country of origin:

  • Political Influence of diaspora in terms of lobbying and advocacy,
  • Influence of diaspora on civil society development.
  • Economic influence of diaspora through remittances and investments,
  • Influence on culture, knowledge and skills, technology.

Undergraduate students enjoy the breadth of interdisciplinary program on diaspora studies. They can choose from a pool of subjects, such as history, anthropology, migration, law, politics, globalization, etc. Bachelor degree programs prepare students to higher level academic studies that are more specialized. Master degree programs on diaspora studies offer an in-depth analysis of transnational characteristics of global world. Graduate programs deliver also research and critical thinking skills, needed to view diaspora issues in a wider context of integration and globalization.

PhD on Diaspora Studies and Related Fields

The highest academic degree program, PhD, in diaspora studies is an attempt to go even further with exploring different academic thoughts and various aspects of ethnic identities. Fellowships for visiting scholars can benefit those academics that do not want to fully engage in PhD studies, but are still interested to work in a vibrant academic environment.

ARMACAD Database on Scholarships and Fellowships in Diaspora Studies

The Universities, offering programs on diaspora studies, usually, allocate funds for international students, who want to pursue a degree in this field. ARMACAD has a vast collection of scholarship and fellowship opportunities for international students, interested in diaspora studies.

The databases are not limited with funding opportunities only. They offer a variety of degree and non-degree programs on diaspora studies, as well as workshops, conferences, summer and winter schools, etc.