Study and Research Opportunities in Bahrain

Long and short-term academic programs are available in Bahrain across many universities and educational centers. International students and researchers may apply to BA, MA, Ph.D., and postdoctoral research programs in Bahrain. Moreover, summer schools and conferences are other excellent academic activities that make Bahrain an attractive destination for scholars and scientists. Many programs also come with fully-funded scholarships and fellowships as well as travel grants and financial aid, thus every student, researcher, and professor can always find a suitable program in Bahrain and apply.

Scholarships in Bahrain

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Summer Programs in Bahrain

Bahrain as an academic destination

Bahrain has exciting statistics of the population, which might interest you as an international student. Slightly more than half of Bahrain's population are foreign immigrants, which means you will live in the community of foreigners and feel more comfortable than residing in the community of pure locals. 

Studying in Bahrain will grant you an unforgettable experience on the island with Arabic culture. The fact that Bahrain is called the "Pearl of the Persian Gulf" speaks for itself. You will enjoy the mild climate and picturesque nature while studying in the universities included in the highest-ranked universities' lists. The high quality of the educational system of Bahrain is partially connected to the fact that it holds the oldest system of public education in the Arabian Peninsula.

The two languages, Arabic and English, are widespread across the Kingdom. Arabic has dominance over English, as it's the official language in the country. However, English is widely spoken in the country, and especially in academic communities, you should not experience language inconveniences. 

Universities in Bahrain

There are both public and private universities in the country, among which the top four ones include the following:

  • Arabian Gulf University
  • College of Health Sciences
  • University of Bahrain
  • Bahrain Polytechnic

The University of Bahrain is the top academic institution in the country, and it's also the national university that has the highest positions in the international rankings. Yet, do not expect that it is located in the capital of the country. UOB is situated in Dar Kulaib, a village in the western part of the country. 

Many of the country's universities are located in the central student cities, where you will find the concentration of the higher educational institutions and international student communities. Particularly, Manama, Riffa, and Muharraq are the most popular destinations for locals and international students. 

As mentioned above, in Bahrain, you can study in universities that hold solid positions in the top-ranked global universities. Below, you can find the five universities that the Times Higher Education praises as educational institutions corresponding to international standards. 

The oldest university in the country is Gulf Polytechnic. It originally started as a college in 1968 and later developed into a larger educational institution due to the merger with the University College of Art, Science, and Education. 

Student Expenses in Bahrain

Many students consider university dormitories as an important cost-cutting factor in their study abroad budget. However, you should not rely on that when choosing Bahrain as an academic destination, as universities in Bahrain usually do not provide student accommodations. 

However, you can refer to the university's dedicated bodies to help you find a suitable and affordable living option. To estimate the budget you will need for renting a living space, here are the estimations provided by the Ahlia University of Bahrain. They estimated that students would need 400-700 BHD a month to pay for their accommodation. 

Tuition fees in Bahrain vary based on the university faculty and based on the location of the university. To estimate the budget, you should plan for studying expenses. Here is an example of the tuition fees for the University of Bahrain. 

In UOB and in other educational institutions, the costs of the Bachelor and graduate study programs vary a lot. For example, while you can find undergraduate degrees in a university that cost less than 1,000$ per academic year, you can hardly find such affordable programs in graduate. Usually, the Master's and higher degrees will cost starting from 7,000$ in the country. 

Research Opportunities in Bahrain

One of the primary research institutions in the country includes the Royal College of Surgeons in Island of Medical University of Bahrain. In the above links, you can find many funding opportunities from this institution, as it actively supports students in their academic initiatives and new findings. 

You can check numerous summer programs, research grants, conferences, events, and other initiatives organized by RCSI at their official website's dedicated section

As a part of a medical institution, RCSI focuses on biomedical research. Hence, it's an ideal choice for students specialized in medical disciplines. The two main medical aspects that the center specializes in are diabetes and cardiometabolic disease and breast cancer. The mentioned directions focus on the fact that the mentioned diseases affect the young Bahrainians at increasing rates. 

You can also focus your attention on Bahrain Centre for Studies and Research, which can help you advance your research in the following directions: Energy, Natural Resources, Modern Technology, and Social Studies.  

In addition to the mentioned research opportunities, you should also consult with your university faculty advisors to know what research perspectives you have in the hosting educational institution. Usually, universities have on-campus research centers, which give the students an opportunity to advance their studies in the fields they chose in undergraduate programs.