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Academic conference organizers

Every year thousands of conferences are organized by Universities, Academic Centers, Companies and Organizations worldwide.

If the public conference organizers care about the prestige, standing and the authority of that particular event as well as their own reputation, they would send the conference announcement, i.e. call for papers, months before the conference date. Usually conference organizers distribute conference call for papers 2 or 3 times and remind academic communities around the globe about the academic convention they organize.

Thus, the announcement which announces the date, topics, venue and other details of a conference is called “call for papers”. Each call for paper must also present the deadline – a date till when interested parties worldwide can apply to that particular conference.

Usually conference call for papers are announced 6-12 months prior to conference dates. Call for research papers are distributed via academic mailing lists and appropriate websites with details about application procedure. Some conferences provide travel grants or accommodation, so these details will also appear in the international call for papers.

Still, there are many other conferences, which are organized for certain groups and usually a call for papers is not distributed and the participants are just being invited by the conference organizers. In such cases only the conference program appears for distribution or the conference is being organized even without publicly announced program.

Explore the biggest paper database on ARMACAD

ARMACAD believes that each conference has to be properly announced and the organizers must give a chance to all interested academics and researchers worldwide to find relevant conference call for papers.

There are many call for papers databases and ARMACAD is among those. In this section we present international and local conference call for papers, with full details about the deadline to apply, dates of the conference and the venue. If conference organizers offer conference travel grants or scholarships, ARMACAD will make sure this information appears in the announcement.

ARMACAD invites all academic organizations worldwide, banks, NGOs, government organization and other relevant parties to submit their calls for conference papers on As soon as the call for papers is published here it will be distributed to a target audience of academics, researchers and students worldwide.