Conf/CfP - Religion, Culture and Technology, 24 - 26 April 2018, Iran

Publish Date: Aug 28, 2017

Deadline: Jan 21, 2018

The 1st International Conference on Religion, Culture & Technology

Scientific conferences are a perfect platform for offering and publishing scientific achievements and critical and scholarly study of these achievements. The conference of “Religion,Culture and Technology” is a chance to attract the attention of the elites and theoreticians toward the study of the principles,nature and procedure of the development,construction,transfer and progress of technology as well as socio-cultural pathology of its progress and also operational procedures for using the technology and depicting its future. The Muslim community has an increasing need to generate creative and innovative religious ideas concerning the relations between religion,culture and technology. Furthermore,there is a need to provide a field of knowledge and theory in regard with the emergence of new sciences and technologies. In addition,there is a necessity of forming new science-based structures in the field of national technologies. Therefore,this conference is an opportunity for interaction and exchange of experiences of training and research centers in seminary schools and universities and also an opportunity for theoretical and methodological convergence among experts in these centers in understanding of religion,culture and technology for a better use of technological potentials and reduction of its religious,social and cultural damages.

The scientific conference of "religion,culture and technology" is a research–promotional activity that will be held through the contribution of the seminary and university experts in order to exchange knowledge and information about the relationship between religion,culture and technology,by providing oral discussions and written articles or posters.


Goals of the conference of “religion,culture and technology” are as follow:

- Attracting the attention of the experts of the society to the demands of the supreme leader in regard with the software movement in the field of science and technology or the analysis of their relationship with the religion and culture.

- Identification of the potentials of the Islamic wisdom and thought for a critical review of the philosophy of the hard sciences and philosophy of the modern social sciences in order to redesign a new relationship among the religion,culture and technology.

- Theorizing about the mechanism of linking the humanities–social sciences with empirical and technical/industrial sciences based on religious grounds suitable for local conditions of the society and the manner of their impact on it.

- Clarifying the role of jurisprudential–legal and ethical issues in the field of technology in order to redesign the relationship between the technology with the society.

- Clarifying and strengthening the role of scientific–research centers in order to identify and meet the needs of society in the field of technology.

- Critical reviewing of the comments of the philosophy of the history of science and technology in the West and comparing them with the philosophy of the history of science and technology in the monotheistic religions,particularly in Islam.

- Explaining,criticizing and reforming the requirements of policy making for science and technology in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

- Socio-cultural pathology of the structure transfer and development of technology in the Islamic Republic of Iran and presenting solutions to correct it.

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Registration Fees for Foreign Nations 
Student Participants: 100 EUR
Non-student Participants: 150 EUR
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Non-student Participants: 200 EUR 
Registration Fees for Iranian Nations 
Student Participants: 1000,000 Rials
Non-student Participants: 2000,000 Rials
Late Registration 
Student Participants: 1500,000 Rials
Non-student Participants: 2500,000 Rials
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