Completion Scholarships of the University Kassel, in Germany, 2016

Publish Date: Feb 09, 2016

Deadline: May 06, 2016


The aim of awarding doctorate grants is to support outstanding graduates from all disciplines and make grant-financed doctorate study at the University of Kassel attractive. The personal support should improve the framework conditions during the phase of academic qualification and enable high quality research contributions to be made. The newly introduced awarding of completion grants supports the completion of doctorates. In particular, the aim of this is to support doctoral candidates by balancing out the disadvantages they face. The grants are part of the implementation of the concept for the promotion of junior researchers of 8 October 2012.

Principles: Completion grants

§ 7Completion grants are awarded for a maximum of six months.

§ 8
(1) The Doctorate Grant Committee will make a decision on the likelihood of a dissertation actually being successfully submitted within the requested period of time.

(2) The aim of balancing out any disadvantages experienced by doctoral candidates should also be pursued. Criteria for balancing out disadvantages are in particular:

  1. a burden caused by tasks which are not related to the doctorate in the case of third party-funded candidates,
  2. previous employment relationships,
  3. particular burden caused by illness, disability or raising children or
  4. the doctorate is being carried out in fields with small numbers of women.

(3) The disadvantages may not already have been balanced out by similar sources of funding at the university.

Amount of funding provided by completion grants

§ 9
(1) The completion grant is EUR 1200 per month.

(2) If the candidate has children, there is an additional child care allowance of a maximum of EUR 200 per month. Evidence must be provided of child care costs.

§ 10A completion grant cannot be awarded if the grant recipient is receiving other funding (from public funds) at the same time.

§ 11The possible additional income is limited to a maximum of EUR 3,000 in the period funded.

Doctorate Grant Committee

§ 12
(1) The University Board appoints a Doctorate Grant Committee for three years.

(2) The Committee is made up of the Vice President who is responsible for junior researchers, at least two professors, one member of academic staff and one representative of the grant recipients.

(3) The Vice President chairs the Doctorate Grant Committee.

(4) The Doctorate Grant Committee makes decisions on the awarding of grants based on the quality and prospects of success of the planned Doctorate.

Application documents

§ 16Applications for completion grants must contain:

  1. a short cover letter justifying the application,
  2. a printed version of the online application form,
  3. an exposé of the planned doctorate with information on the status of the dissertation and a detailed timetable and work plan for the completion of the dissertation,
  4. a statement from the supervisor of the doctorate with an assessment of the project and an estimate of the likely grade,
  5. a CV in tabular form,
  6. simple copies of the most recent university certificates including "Abitur" [German advanced level qualifications] certificates,
  7. evidence of the applicant's income,
  8. certification that the applicant has been accepted as a doctoral candidate at the University of Kassel,
  9. generally, a supervision timetable in accordance with the concept for the promotion of junior researchers of 8 October 2012.

Note: For the further processing of the applications, we request that where possible you submit all application documents in loose leaf form (do not attach together!) and without staples (only paperclips).

Please send paper versions of the documents to the postal address of the department. Please also send a digital copy of the documents to the email address
All of the documents must be summarised in one PDF files in the above mentioned order.


§ 17The Doctorate Grant Committee will only make a decision when it has all of the application documents (...).

§ 18The applicants will receive written notification of the awarding of the grant from the Doctorate Grant Committee.
§ 19
(1) The doctorate and completion grants are only paid if the doctoral candidate in question is accepted by the Doctorate Committee to study for a doctorate.

(2) The doctorate or completion grant is only to be paid if the doctoral candidate in question has agreed a supervision timetable with his or her supervisor in accordance with the concept for the promotion of junior researchers of 8 October 2012.

Start of funding

In the bidding round for the summer semester, the funding generally starts on 1 October.

In the bidding round for the winter semester, the funding generally starts on 1 April.

Reporting obligations

§ 22

(1) At the end of the doctorate or completion grant funding period, a report documenting the status of the dissertation must be submitted within four weeks. If the dissertation has not yet been submitted within this period of time, a statement from the supervisor on the reasons for this is needed.

(2) No later than following the completion or termination of the doctorate, the grant recipient must inform the Doctorate Committee of the results and if applicable the reasons for the termination in the form of a short summary together with a statement from the supervisor.

Deadline: 6. Mai 2016

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