Caux Leadership and Conflict Studies Program for Scholars 2017, Switzerland


February 17, 2017

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Program Overview

Through role playing, conference participation, teambuilding, classroom learning, and trustbuilding sessions, the Caux Scholars Program combines traditional education with practical application. It focuses on breaking down stereotypes, challenging worldviews, and equipping students with effective peacebuilding strategies. CSP aims to bridge the gap between societies through exposure to one another. Fundamental to the achievement of peace is the elimination of ignorance. Only through interaction can we learn to overcome our fear and insecurities of societies different from our own. The program’s home is Caux Palace, a former luxury hotel from the early twentieth century, located 1000m above Lake Geneva and Montreux. The hotel was purchased through the sacrificial giving of a large group of Swiss families at the end of WWII, refurbished through voluntary labor, and opened as a conference center by Initiatives of Change for the healing of relationships between people and nations, a role it continues to carry forward today.
Conferences are held every summer and the Caux Scholars actively participate in one.

Academic coursework

The Caux Scholars Program is concerned with understanding and embracing a form a justice that satisfies human need. Beginning with key theoretical underpinnings and a multi-disciplinary approach to the concepts of conflict transformation, principled leadership,
and trustbuilding, this course will highlight the contemporary applications in current and post-war settings internationally, The scholars will critique and compare various popular expressions of societal justice through structures such as: International Criminal Courts, Truth and Reconciliations Commissions, Restitution/Reparations, Reintegration Strategies (DDR), and Memorialization practices.
The coursework and extracurricular activities are designed with four major themes, one for each week of the course. CSP-2017 will focus on the themes of justice, conflict transformation, dialogue, and reconciliation. The program includes approximately 40 hours of academic and experiential classes, seven hours per week of “Service for Leadership” practical work, and a field trip to Geneva to visit the United Nations Headquarters.

Apply onlne

Twenty scholars from around the world are selected for this four-week course held in Caux, Switzerland, during the Initiatives of Change global summer conferences. Since its creation in 1991, CSP has over 500 alumni from 105 countries; still connected to each
other through a global network. They are active in international organizations, NGOs, politics, education, business and ommunications around the  world.
Language of Instruction: English
Program Cost (tuition, meals, and lodging): US $3800 scholarships available
Location: Initiatives of Change conference center in Caux, Switzerland
Dates: June 26 - July 24, 2017
Course Credits: Assistance for establishing independent study credit
Class Size: Limited to 20 students.
Application Fee: $25
Application Deadline: February 17, 2017

Applicant Requirements

• Be between the ages of 21 and 35 (Exceptions have been made for outstanding candidates)
• Have a high level of academic achievement
• Demonstrate leadership qualities and commitment to public or community service
• Exhibit interest in the ethical dimensions of world affairs
• Possess openness to a multi-cultural learning experience

To submit an application

Through fundraising efforts, CSP offers merit-based and need-based scholarships that are given to scholars who have made important community contributions and who demonstrate leadership skills and a clear commitment to furthering the mission and values of CSP and Initiatives of Change in their chosen professional field.

CSP asks all applicants to be prepared to contribute towards the cost of their participation in the program, if they are selected. Typically this comes in the form of scholars covering round-trip airfare to the Program. In the past, some scholars have asked their employers to subsidize their travel to Caux based on the benefits that the training will contribute towards their professional and organizational advancement. They may also choose to fundraise for these costs after selection decisions are issued in February 2017.

CSP offers ONE alumni scholarship per year.

Just Governance for Human Security

As part of their academic course the CSP class of 2017 will particpate in the the Just Governance for Human Security conference, one in the series of Caux summer conferences.

Program overview
Since its inception in 1991 the Caux Scholars Program (CSP) has graduated 509 students from more than 100 countries. The program has an active alumni network active in all areas of life - academics, politics, international organizations, grassroots initiatives.

The Caux Scholars Program teaches students to analyze conflicts, to understand the factors that create and sustain conflicts, and provide practical understanding of approaches to resolving conflicts - conflict prevention, negotiation and transitional justice.

Twenty students from around the world are selected for this four-week course held in Caux, Switzerland, during the Initiatives of Change global summer conferences. The program includes approximately 40 hours of academic classes, seven hours per week of “Service for Leadership” practical work, a field trip to Geneva and participation in the Caux conferences.

Frequently practitioners see conflict resolution, development and humanitarian relief as distinct areas of practice. In reality, these fields are intrinsically intermingled. Embracing a conflict transformation lens can make humanitarian and development projects more sustainable. CSP trains practitioners of mainstream conflict transformation and transitional justice perspectives to improve their work, regardless of their programmatic specialty.

While CSP is not affiliated with a university and does not offer credit, it is often possible for participants to secure credit through their own institution, in consultation with their professor and pursuant to their requirements. CSP is willing to assist in this.

To get an better idea of the Caux Scholar experience view this short video made by Tim Hall (CSP 2013).

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