Academic announcement is a genre of writing which introduces an academic event, academic opportunity, or an academic publication.

Academic announcements are distributed by universities, government bodies, academic institutions, associations, educational and research centers, foundations and NGOs, as well as individuals (such as individual or family scholarships and fellowships).

Sometimes, if the level of the announcement is relevant, instead of academic announcement the term “educational announcement” may be used.

Academic announcements may be considered as the items of the menu of the academic institution, so the more detailed and transparently distributed the better for the institution. And here ARMACAD comes to help to widely distribute those announcements and manage applicants of each opportunity published on our website. 

Below we will discuss all possible types of academic announcements currently used by academic communities worldwide.

Academic opportunities

Among academic opportunities are those announced by above mentioned entities to attract more students and researchers to apply and become a part of a certain cohort of participants.

Undergraduate (Bachelor) studies announcement

Undergraduate studies announcements are one of the most important and the most promotional announcements of the Universities. For some Universities undergraduate courses are the main or the only source for income, thus preparing and promoting a proper undergraduate announcement is an important marketing means for the University. Undergraduate studies may be announced under different abbreviations, such as Bachelors degree, BA (Bachelor of Arts), BSC (Bachelor of Science), LL.B or B.L (Bachelors of Law), etc.

Graduate (Master) studies announcement

Graduate studies are announced by Universities, research centers and academic institutions to offer graduate courses to students and as a result award a Masters diploma. The most popular graduate courses are currently organized in business administration and are abbreviated as an MBA course. In many American universities Graduate (Masters) courses are included in the PostGraduate (PhD) courses. Very often graduate courses are announced with a scholarship and the announcement is written scholarship opportunities taking into consideration. For Universities and research centers offering graduate courses the announcement is very important to be well written and well promoted.

PostGraduate (PhD) studies announcement

All research Universities and academic institutions are announcing PhD studies regularly. In those announcements the details of the PhD studies are introduced, mainly focusing on eligibility criteria and requirements the applicants have to follow. PostGraduate studies announcements usually come with a scholarship announcement, for example in the United States all PhD degree studies are fully covered with a full scholarship and financial aid. All these details have to be written in the PhD announcement and promoted widely in order to receive the best applicants around the globe.

Grants announcements

Among academic announcements grants have a unique position. Grants may be announced by foundations and state agencies for Universities and research institutions to apply or by the same agencies and foundations as well as Universities for individuals to apply.

Scholarships announcements

Scholarships are announced by Universities, departments, foundations, NGOs and individuals to support undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students as well as researchers to study or conduct a research. Scholarship announcements are usually written inside the BA, MA or PhD announcement, mentioning that the announcement will be awarded to those who are passed for a certain study level course in the University. Apart from these many unique scholarship announcements are written and distributed as sole and independent announcements. The interesting thing with scholarships is that every organization may announce its own scholarships to support students and researchers in different fields. For example a bank may announce a scholarship for sophomores in a certain country or university, or an IT company may provide scholarships to talented students to study programming.

Fellowships announcements

Fellowship announcement are describing a certain monetary or non monetary position within a University, department or library to support researchers or students to conduct research and investigations. Fellowships are mainly announced by Universities and big Academic organizations, such as DAAD, American Councils, OSF, etc.

Postdoctoral research or teaching opportunities

After defending the PhD thesis doctoral candidates are looking for postdoctoral opportunities as a transitional stage before they receive a professorship. Universities and research centers announce postdoctoral opportunities on their websites to attract recent PhDs to apply and become a part of their academic cohort. Postdoctoral grants and fellowships may also be announced by academic foundations within research institutions and universities. Among such foundations are Andrew Mellon Foundation, the Leverhulme Trust, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions by the European Commission, etc.

Research fellow announcements

Some academic institutions may have Research fellow positions available at their departments and laboratories. What happens most often, is that the funding for the Research fellow position is coming from another source. For example humboldt foundation or Volkswagen foundation may announce a Research fellow fellowship. Prospective candidates will apply to the mentioned foundations and if they are selected to receive the grant they will be appointed as a research fellow in one of the Universities or Research centers receiving the necessary fund to live and stay in that city from the foundation. Thus the Research fellow positions are mainly announced my foundations and grant giving organizations.

Visiting scholar announcement

Universities and other academic institution usually announce Visiting scholar positions available for international researchers. Visiting scholars mainly engage in academic activities of the university with an external funding, which may come from their own University or more often from different foundations and grant giving organizations. Visiting scholar announcements are usually distributed via university’s and foundation’s websites and academic mailing lists.

Academic events

Academic events announcements are an important part of any academic institution or foundation and NGOs. Those announcements should be written in a certain style and be distributed months or days before the event start date or the deadline. Among academic event announcements are the following:

Conference call for papers

Sometimes the words conference, forum, convention, workshop, symposium may be used interchangeably to announce a certain type of academic event, where scholars and scientists gather to present the recent findings in their fields of research interests. Conference announcements which invite researchers and student to apply are named “Call for papers” or the abbreviated version CfP. These announcements have to be distributed months before the application deadline in order the academic community has enough time to prepare an apply.

Conference programs

Conference programs are distributed among conference participants as well as published on websites to announce the presentation titles, times and names of the presenters. These announcements have to be distributed as widely as possible in order to reach the wider academic community worldwide.

Summer schools

Summer schools are academic events from 1 to 8 weeks organized to give a deeper insight about a certain academic topic or to teach something new to participants within a shorter range of time. Summer School is a general name for all suche type of events, even if the event is organized in winter, autumn or spring, through winter school, autumn school and spring school are also usually available.

Lecture or presentation announcements

Departments and Universities are organizing lectures on a regular basis, which may be open to the public or closed only for the department members and students. Lecture announcements are published on the websites or distributed via mailing lists several days prior to the event. If the lecturer is outside of the department who has organized the event, than the event is named “Guest lecture”. Some departments also have lecture series, which has a name, usually devoted to a famous scientist/scholar.

Meeting and discussion announcements

Meetings and discussions or round tables are usual academic activities within department or other academic entities to tackle upon a hot topic or academic issue. This type of announcement presents the topic of the discussion and the names and the titles during the event. The announcement should be usually distributed several days before the meeting.


It is very hard to define what is seminar, but a lot of seminars happen around the world :)


Training announcements present the topic and the persona of the trainer in order to attract more participants, who would usually pay in order to participate in the training. Training announcements will be distributed a month before the event starts with a deadline to apply. Training participants will usually receive a certificate of participation.

Academic Jobs

All academic institutions have vacant positions, which they announce widely through job posting websites as well as their own website pages.


Academic vacancies are announced by the departments, institutes, schools and other administrative bodies of Universities and other academic entities. Academic vacancy announcements are describing the requirements and the responsibilities in details and are mentioning a deadline, when the applicants can apply. These announcements are appearing on department websites, distributed via mailing lists and published on other websites specialised in vacancy announcement publishing.


Internship announcements may sometime be a part of academic announcements. These internships are announced by government bodies, research centers and other entities to engage students and recent graduates in academically oriented jobs in order to give them a job offer in several months.

Published on Nov 06, 2018