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Publish Date: Aug 02, 2016

ASSIST Moldova

The 2015/16 Scholars at the ASSIST Orientation
ASSIST became active in Moldova to help young Moldovan students currently in the 10th grade who would like to spend one year as exchange students in the United States as 11th graders.

Our work in Moldova began in the 2000/01 academic year. Our first Moldovan scholars distinguished themselves in their American independent schools, and ultimately 66 Moldovan students have studied in the States under our auspices. It is through the leadership of our partner, the National High School Debate League (NHSDL), that this scholarship competition is made possible.

Financial Support for Moldovan Scholars

American schools are generous in offering scholarships to ASSIST students. Throughout our time in Moldova, ASSIST has identified sponsors to help students and their families pay for the cost of participating in the program. Many American donors have stepped forward to support deserving Scholars. Please follow the link below to the NHSDL website for more news about this generous opportunity.


Full scholarships The student is awarded a scholarship that covers tuition, room and board at a boarding school or tuition at a day school, with a volunteer host family being identified by the school. For 2015/16, 91 students were awarded full ASSIST scholarships.
Partial scholarships The student is awarded a partial scholarship that covers part of the tuition, room and board at a boarding school or part of the tuition at a day school, with a volunteer host family being identified by the school. For 2015/16, 87 students were awarded partial ASSIST scholarships.
A Two-Year Commitment ASSIST Scholars make a philosophical commit- ment for two years: an exchange year in the U.S., and then a year at home to share what they have learned. ASSIST scholarships are not renewable; you may not return to your ASSIST school. Students interested in spending more than one year in the States should apply through ASSIST as full-paying applicants or may enter the competition for a Davis Program Scholarship (limited to students from eastern and central Europe and typically to eight scholarships worldwide).

Application Process for 2016/17 Scholarships

All initial applications for ASSIST scholarships for Moldovan students are received through our partner, NHSDL. Scholarships are also offered to boarding schools in the UK through our colleagues of the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC).

Why choose an exchange experience in the U.S.?

  • Living successfully and happily in the 21st century means becoming a skilled global citizen. An exchange experience in the U.S. enables you to: Develop independence and learn to manage challenges on your own—with the right kind of support.
  • Attain fluency in English, the world’s international language.
  • Live successfully in another culture—expose yourself to new ways of thinking
    and increase your respect for your own country and culture.
  • Gain access to the most outstanding education programs in the U.S.
  • Meet other future leaders, making lifelong friends and contacts to be of
    ASSISTance in your continued education, career and all future endeavors.

You can find the online application form in the "Further official information" below this article. 

Application & Selection

Application for an ASSIST scholarship is competitive, and each candidate is encour- aged to pursue other options in addition to applying to ASSIST.
Program Essentials Candidates for ASSIST scholarships apply on-line, and the competitions are managed by ASSIST country coordinators in their home countries. ASSIST primarily selects students entering the 11th grade. There are also opportuni- ties for students entering the 10th grade, 12th grade or postgraduate years. Students study in the States for ten months and then return to their home countries—ASSIST scholarships are not renewable.
The Application Please visit our web site for complete instructions regarding the application process. The elements of the application are:

  • Application Form
  • Essay
  • Academic Transcript
  • Recommendations

For more information, please contact our colleague at NHSDL, Ms. Iulia Moldovan, at

Why choose ASSIST?

ASSIST is the acknowledged leader in the independent secondary school exchange community.

  • Identifying, placing and supporting 4,820 alumni representing 51 countries
    over 46 years of service.
  • All students study at outstanding independent (private) high schools in the U.S.
  • Careful placement at a school that will feel like home and that fits your intellect,
    personality and special talents.
  • If selected, you will earn a merit scholarship valued up to US $59,170.
  • Ongoing support from the ASSIST staff, 24/7, throughout the placement year.
  • Membership in a growing international network of alumni who will ASSIST
    one another in the years ahead.

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