Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Research Fellowships, Taiwan

Publish Date: Feb 22, 2016

Deadline: Mar 01, 2016

Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

Applications for Postdoctoral Research Fellowships at Academia Sinica (AS) for the Second Session of 2016 are now being accepted. Starting from January 15, 2016, all applications are to be processed on-line ( . It is not necessary to send hard copies of application materials. All applications must be submitted to Department of Academic Affairs and Instrument Service (DAAIS) by the applicant’s principal investigator (PI) between January 15 to March 1, 2016.. Appointment of postdoctoral fellows for this session commences on July 1, 2016.

Under this program, there are two types of fellows: (Distinguished) Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Fellows and (Regular) Postdoctoral Fellows. Applicants with a PhD degree conferred after the July of 2012 or 2010 are eligible to be the candidates of (Distinguished) Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Fellows or (Regular) Postdoctoral Fellows respectively. There will be a two-year grace to a female applicant on qualifications mentioned above if giving birth after receiving PhD degree. Applicants excepting that who are applying for the position of postdoctoral fellow at the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences need to choose the type of fellows. Two types of fellows must be ticked if applicants intend to apply for both.

If an applicant has not yet received the doctoral degree, the applicant’s thesis supervisor must provide a letter confirming that the applicant is expected to receive the PhD diploma before the appointment starts. In addition, three letters of recommendation must be received by DAAIS before the deadline.

Applying for the position of postdoctoral fellow at the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences or the position of (Distinguished) Academia Sinica postdoctoral fellow, applicants are required to submit a proposal specifying the aim, significance, background, methodology and anticipated accomplishment of their research projects. Application proposals lacking consideration of these factors will be adversely affected.

During the term of appointment, the postdoctoral fellow shall comply with the service regulations stipulated by the Academia Sinica Personnel Office (please refer to and also the requirements and instructions of his/her sponsoring principal investigator and host institute. In addition, the postdoctoral fellow is required to sign a work contract and a declaration which states that he/she is not the spouse or relative by blood or marriage of the heads of the employing organization, institute and the sponsoring PI/co-PI.

For more information, please contact the following staff at DAAIS
For Division of Mathematics and Physical Sciences: Ms. Chin-Cheng Tseng (02-27899386)
For Division of Life Sciences: Ms. Mei-Hsiu Michelle Chien (02-27899676)
For Division of Humanities and Social Sciences: Ms. Chin-Wen Peng (02-27898067)

Academia Sinica (AS), the most eminent national research institution in Taiwan, provides a well-developed research environment for about 600 postdoctoral fellows.  Each year, we offer a favourable research opportunity for both domestic and international postdoctoral researchers. Candidates can easily find their fields of interests in versatile areas of mathematics and physical sciences, life sciences, humanities and social sciences at AS.

Postdoctoral Fellows Program at AS consists of Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Fellows and (Regular) Postdoctoral Fellows.  Both fellowships provide US$ 23,830 to US$ 34,350 as base annual salary (the exact amount is determined by candidate’s qualification).

This is a full-time research position.  The initial appointment is on a 2-year term (with an annual contract), renewable based on satisfactory performance review and funding availability.

Qualifications and Subsidies

  • Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Fellows:
    • PhD degree obtained within last 4 years from local or foreign universities; outstanding record of publications; evidence of excellence in independent research.
    • Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship provides air fares and additional US$ 4,500 as research expenditure (for overseas conferences, laboratory equipment etc.).
  • (Regular) Postdoctoral Fellows:
    • PhD degree obtained within last 6 years from local or foreign universities; outstanding record of publications.
    • Regular Postdoctoral Fellow may obtain additional subsidy after negotiation with the responsible Principle Investigator.

Materials to be Submitted

Application materials and credentials are submitted online.  Applicants will be guided step by step to provide materials such as a letter of agreement from the sponsoring principal investigator, a copy of diploma, a full curriculum vitae, a research plan, reprints of publications, and 3 letters of recommendation. 

Applications for different fields of study or different fellowships will be required to provide different materials.  For details, please refer to our application website (

Application Procedure

I. Applicant must first contact our Principle Investigators (PIs) directly.

There are 31 institutes or centers at Academia Sinica. Visit the following websites in your field of interest to identify potential PIs whose research team you would like to join. Write to the prospective PI directly to state your interest and intention of application.

  • Division of Mathematics and Physical Sciences
    • Institute of Mathematics
    • Institute of Physics
    • Institute of Chemistry
    • Institute of Earth Sciences
    • Institute of Information Science
    • Institute of Statistical Science 
    • Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences
    • Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics
    • Research Center for Applied Sciences
    • Research Center for Environmental Changes
    • Research Center for Information Technology Innovation
  • Division of Life Sciences
    • Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology
    • Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology
    • Institute of Biological Chemistry
    • Institute of Molecular Biology
    • Institute of Biomedical Sciences
    • Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center
    • Genomics Research Center
    • Research Center for Biodiversity
  • Division of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Institute of History and Philology
    • Institute of Ethnology 
    • Institute of Modern History
    • Institute of Economics
    • Institute of European and American Studies 
    • Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy
    • Institute of Taiwan History 
    • Institute of Sociology
    • Institute of Linguistics
    • Institute of Political Science
    • Institutum Iurisprudentiae
    • Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences

II. Complete the Online Application:

Postdoctoral research program is open for application twice a year: the first round between 1st August and 1st September, the second round between 15th January and 1st March.  Please read the Guidelines for Postdoctoral Fellows Program at Academia Sinica for detailed regulations.

Evaluation Form for Postdoctorl Fellows

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