Study and Research Opportunities in Taiwan

Long and short-term academic programs are available in Taiwan across many universities and educational centers. International students and researchers may apply to BA, MA, Ph.D., and postdoctoral research programs in Taiwan. Moreover, summer schools and conferences are other excellent academic activities that make Taiwan an attractive destination for scholars and scientists. Many programs also come with fully-funded scholarships and fellowships as well as travel grants and financial aid, thus every student, researcher, and professor can always find a suitable program in Taiwan and apply.

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Taiwan as an academic destination

Studying in Taiwan will make you part of more than 30,000 international students' community, which the government was so careful to form. The recent education system-related strategy of the country was to make the number of international students up to 30,000 by 2019. To achieve that goal, which the government continuously follows up to current, is creating conditions that will make the country appealing for international students and make their stay and study in the country convenient and smooth.

As one such condition is the language barrier, you will be excited to know that Taiwan offers an excessive number of English programs. In parallel, the country does not limit you from learning the local language. The majority of the universities provide Mandarin courses, which is an excellent opportunity for foreigners to major or support elective courses.

Further in this article, read what education opportunities you have in the country and pursue an academic career in the above-mentioned competitive fields in one of the competitive countries to study them.

Universities in Taiwan

The universities in Thailand are worldly famous. The university ranking methodologies differ across different platforms. But whichever of them you choose to visit, Thailand universities are included in the top ones. There might be differences in certain university positions in various rankings, but you can indeed find universities in Thailand that correspond to the international quality levels. 

When talking about universities in Thailand, the first thing you should know is how all the university structure of the country started. The start of the Taiwanian universities is connected to the country's oldest university, the Taipei University. It started more than a century ago and confidently steps with many modern universities in Taiwan, even surpassing many modern universities by its international rankings. There are two crucial dates connected with the UT. 

The first one is when the university was founded in 1895. Later, there was a moment in the university's history when it enlarged and became a comprehensive educational institution that currently offers a full scope of academic programs. The latter development in the university's history happened in 2013 when Taipei Municipal University of Education and the Taipei Physical Education College merged to form a single educational institution. 

The other universities which are cited in the international rankings include:

Student expenses in Taiwan

The university fees in Taiwan are affordable compared with that of the top foreign study destinations in the US and Europe. Meanwhile, the tuition can vary significantly within the country's borders. You should expect to pay as diverse a budget as 800 to 15,000 $ per academic program. The fees largely depend on where you study, meaning both the location and the particular university. Also, tuition varies based on which program or specialization you choose.

Similar to tuition fees, the accommodation expenses also vary based on the students' location and housing type. The usual accommodation renting budget varies between 280-560 $, where, as you might guess, the more central the city is, the higher is the monthly rent. The most expensive two cities for international students, domestic students, and generally all the country visitors are Taipei and Taichung.

Though Taiwan does not fall on the list of the most expensive countries for international students, you still might need to find a job in parallel to your studies. That's an excellent opportunity to support your financial expenses in the country. You can freely work in Taiwan. Just keep in mind you need to apply and receive a work permit before starting a job in the country. Doing the opposite might result in punishment and fee if you get caught. Also, there are opportunities to stay in the country and find employment after studies. Taiwan's government allows students to extend their stay in the country for six years after graduation and try to find employment.

Research opportunities in Taiwan

For a scholar wishing to pursue a research career in Taiwan, there are three main options. Taiwan has National-level research centers, University level research centers, and domestic branches of international research centers. The latter mainly includes two institutions, NTU Iox Center, European Union Center in Taiwan. 

Here is the link to the country's leading university, National Taiwan University's research section, where you can find all the available options for conducting your research along with the links to discover more of each research institution. 

Taiwan holds the impressive title of Asian Tiger, which is gained due to the country's huge potential in the technological and business sector. The country has an analog of the US Silicon Valley, Hsinchu Science Park, which promotes the country in the international economic platform from one side, and the country's research system opportunities for international students from another side.

So many students are highly motivated to study business and tech in the country when the directions have the highest utilization options. Many apply to the academic programs in the country, as that's one of the practical opportunities to stay in the country later and construct a successful career there. Other than business and technology, the other popular academic directions in the country include:

  • management
  • engineering
  • arts and humanities
  • social sciences
  • media

In all the above-mentioned directions, you will receive the highest level of supervision for your research projects and have an opportunity to conduct research in the real companies operating in Taiwan. Considering that Taiwan hosts top businesses within its borders, here is one of the best places to carry an in-depth research project. We hope among everything else, this section of ARMACAD will help you construct a successful academic and research career in Taiwan.