6 Reasons Why Coursera Rocks!

Publish Date: Feb 15, 2016

Learning online is not just a relatively new trend, it is an absolute comfort. It is an informed choice, because many of us work, babysit kids and have dozens of other responsibilities. Home based learning with the possibility to design your own schedule is a priority now. While there are many educational portals, that offer quality services in delivering online classes, here is a list of reason to stop your choice on Coursera.

Coursera is diverse!

Coursera provides a vast pool of learning opportunities ranging from broad subjects to advanced and more specialized ones. Courses in humanities and sciences offer new knowledge and concepts. Skills based courses, such as, writing skills or advanced research skills focus on delivering practical information and advancement.

Coursera is free!

Yes, most of Coursera courses are free and they do not even ask for any enrollment fee. Usually, a moderate fee is requested, if the student needs a certificate on completion of the course.

Coursera is prestigious!

Employers value Coursera education. This is the reason many students pay and request a certificate. Top Universities of the world and their renowned faculty offer thousands of in demand courses, providing free access to quality education.

Coursera is innovative!

Coursera applies innovative methods of online learning and communication. Video tutorials, tests and quizzes, live forums, downloadable reading materials are there to make your learning experience even more easy and comfortable.

Coursera is interactive!

Live discussions on forums with world known professors is not only engaging, but also an awesome learning experience. Question and answer sessions between a group of students and the professor is an excellent way to learn even more than the course itself would offer.

Coursera is multilingual!

This Multilanguage portal is available in tens of different languages to promote even wider access to its resources.

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