5 Excellent Opportunities for State Engineering University of Armenia Students 2017

Publish Date: May 15, 2017

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Online Course - Advanced Software Construction in Java

Advanced Software Construction in Java

Learn how to write programs that are safe from bugs, easy to understand, and ready for change.

About this course

This computer science course is the second of a two-course sequence on how to write good software using modern software engineering techniques.

This course will dig deeper into what makes for "good" code -- safe from bugs, easy to understand, and ready for change. We will explore two paradigms for modern programming: (1) grammars, parsing, and recursive datatypes; and (2) concurrent programming with threads:

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2.Harbin Institute of Technology Qingrui Scholarship 2017, China

In order to encourage and attract more excellent International students to study at HIT, develop English-medium courses, Harbin Institute of Technology and Daqing Zhongyou Qingrui Petroleum Technology Co. Ltd. co-founded HIT-Qingrui Scholarship for International Students (hereinafter referred to as Qingrui Scholarship). Qingrui Scholarship is funded by Daqing Zhongyou Qingrui Petroleum Technology Co. Ltd., managed by College of International Education of HIT.Scholarship Evaluation and Management PrinciplesQingrui Scholarship is evaluated under the principle of fair, just and open, and will follow safety, law-abiding, efficient, dedicated management principles.

For  more information: https://armacad.info/harbin-institute-of-technology-qingrui-scholarship-2017-china

3. Georgia Institute of Technology Online Course- Introduction to Computing using Python

Introduction to Computing using Python.Learn the basics of computing and python programming, including fundamentals of procedural programming, control structures, and data structures.

About this course

In this computer science course, you will learn about foundational computing principles, such as how to write and read computer code and how to run and debug code.You will learn about programming concepts in Python and how they demonstrate computing principles and domain applications that use programming concepts and computing principles in real applications.

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4. Newcastle University London International Scholarships 2017, UK

Value of award


Application closing date

There are three closing dates, 8 March 2017, 5 May 2017 and 31 July 2017. The University will allocate a proportion of available scholarships to the highest scoring valid applicants following these dates. Unsuccessful candidates will be carried-forward from the first and second award cycles and may receive scholarships in the following award cycle.


Newcastle University London offers partial scholarship awards to encourage applicants assessed as international for fees purposes to undertake Undergraduate and Master’s level study. Each award is worth £3,000 for one year payable to the student’s tuition fee account.  

For more information: https://armacad.info/newcastle-university-london-international-scholarships-2017-uk

5. Microsoft Online Course - Programming with C#


To help ensure that your learning experience is good, please note that this course is not for beginners or those new to programming. You must have prior programming experience in an object-oriented programming language as there are concepts that are mentioned in the course that are assumed to be prior knowledge and are not explained in detail.Learning C# provides a solid foundation in object-oriented programming knowledge, paves the way for learning other programming languages, and positions those who complete this course for a wide variety of in-demand computer programming jobs.  

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