Georgia Institute of Technology Online Course- Introduction to Computing using Python

Publish Date: Jan 10, 2017

Introduction to Computing using Python

Learn the basics of computing and python programming, including fundamentals of procedural programming, control structures, and data structures.

About this course

In this computer science course, you will learn about foundational computing principles, such as how to write and read computer code and how to run and debug code.

You will learn about programming concepts in Python and how they demonstrate computing principles and domain applications that use programming concepts and computing principles in real applications.

The course will also cover:

  • procedural programming
  • control structures
  • data structures
  • advanced topics in algorithms and object-oriented programming

This course builds on a custom textbook written for the class and online course delivery and provides ample interaction and formative evaluation. The course teaches both the theory and implementation of core computing concepts in a highly interactive, multi-modal manner.

What you'll learn

  • General principles of programming: procedural programming, control structures, and data structures
  • Programming in Python, including variables, operators, loops, conditionals, functions, error handling, and advanced data structures
  • Applications of programming to computer graphics and human-computer interaction

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