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Call for Ideas - Development of the Official Website for the “Environmental Protection of Lake Sevan” (EU4Sevan) Project - GIZ Armenia

Publish Date: Oct 24, 2022

Deadline: Nov 14, 2022

Background information:

The EU4Sevan (Environmental Protection of Lake Sevan) Project is co-funded by the European Union (EU) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and jointly implemented under a Multi-Partner Contribution Agreement by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The Project is part of the EU Action “EU4Energy Efficiency and Environment” and the BMZ-funded programme “Management of natural resources and safeguarding of ecosystem services for sustainable rural development in the South Caucasus” (ECOserve).

The Project’s overall objective is to enhance the environmental protection of Lake Sevan, which is the largest freshwater lake in the Caucasus Region. Lake Sevan is the most significant source of freshwater, irrigation water, aquaculture, as well as hydropower source in Armenia. Its condition has direct bearing on the region’s environmental health and Armenia’s economic potential.

EU4Sevan project has five key outputs:

·         Output 1: The water monitoring and management capacities for Lake Sevan watershed are (further) improved.

·         Output 2: The capacities for implementing ecosystem-friendly and water-protecting land-use and cultivation practices are improved.

·         Output 3: The capacities for implementing wastewater treatment, including nature-based solutions, are improved.

·         Output 4: Awareness and information availability for the protection of Lake Sevan is enhanced among basin communities, the private sector, and other stakeholders.

·         Output 5: The Lake Sevan ecosystem governance is further improved.

Outputs 1- 4 are implemented by GIZ, and output 5 is implemented by UNDP.

Project implementation period is from September 2020 till August 2024 (48 months).

The aim of this assignment is to develop the Official Website for the “Environmental Protection of Lake Sevan” (EU4Sevan) Project. The website must be designed based on the Project brand-book and Communication and Visibility guidelines by making it engaging for users, adding collaboration functions with specific features and functionalities for presenting project news (press releases, photos, videos, success stories, etc.) in an interactive way specifically for Project Reports and Publication and other.

Objective, target areas and target groups of the awareness-raising campaign

This assignment aims to develop the Official Website for EU4Sevan Project, which will serve as the main informative junction on Project activities, results, publications, events, and other important information on EU4Sevan Project. The website should be an inclusive, dynamic, functional, bilingual (English and Armenian) website, user-friendly for operating/running, technically easy-to-serve and expandable.

To reach the objective of the assignment, the following specific tasks must be implemented:

Task 1. Development of the Website Interface

The contractor shall:

        Prepare and present an induction report, covering methodology, final timeframe for providing deliverables on time,

        Create/develop a new website for the EU4Sevan Project, meantime consulting the proper domain, SSL certificate, and hosting according to the criteria outlined in the technical description,

        Create the website based on the structure and design provided by the EU4Sevan brand-book (see Annex 2) and matching with Project donors’ and partners’ communication guidelines,

        Fill the first content provided by the EU4Sevan Project team,

        Optimise the website content for different screen resolutions (taking into consideration the screen of the phone and laptops),

        Ensure the proper security of the website.


Task 2. Development and Implementation of Search Engine Optimization strategies

The contractor shall:

        Provide an integrated strategy for SEO implementation,

        Increase visibility, traffic (both quantity and quality) and reach of the EU4Sevan website through the optimisation of the external and internal search engines,

        Submit monthly reports with SEO-related website statistics.


Task 3: Finalize the development of the website and providing a training for EU4Sevan team

The contractor shall:

        Test all the features and functionalities to ensure the website’s performance,

        Take the necessary steps to ensure efficient and effective handover to EU4Sevan team close to the end of the contract:

o  organize a training for the focal points who will be in charge for content management of the website,

o  provide technical assistance and maintenance within upcoming 3 months after the website is ready when publishing the website,

o  assist the focal points in charge for the content management of the website in case of a need within 1 year after the website will be ready,

o  Submit final report.


Eligibility for Application:

The envisaged type of agreement with potential implementer is a GIZ’s Local Subsidy contract. The proposed intervention should be in line with the mandate of the applicant and contribute to capacity building and development of the organization. The eligible organizations are non-profit organizations (NGOs, foundation, associations, etc).


The threshold of the budget is 1 500 000AMD. The budget could be changed due to the fluctuation of EUR-AMD exchange rate.


From November - December 2022

Application package:

The bidder is required to submit Company background, CVs (see Chapter 7), of key experts, a detailed Portfolio including samples of previous works (including respective links), timetable and a proposed rough Concept of how the company envisages the design of this project (not more than 2 pages). All documents must be in PDF.

The complete application package should be sent by email to

Deadline for application submission and receipt is no later than 14 November 2022, 23:59 Yerevan Time.

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