Conf/CfP - Negotiating Good Life in Times of Crisis: Voices of Theology and Religious Studies, 25-28 October 2021, Netherlands

Publish Date: Feb 01, 2021

Deadline: Mar 31, 2021

Event Dates: from Oct 25, 2021 12:00 to Oct 28, 2021 12:00

PThU International Conference 'Negotiating Good Life in Times of Crisis: Voices of Theology and Religious Studies'

Crisis situations have an enormous impact on people’s lives. Natural disasters, illness, conflict or violence: they all affect people’s health, mind and social wellbeing. It’s during such times that people reconsider what it means to live a ‘good’ life. How can they flourish when they’re confronted with economic or environmental collapse? How do they give meaning to their lives when their job is on the line? And what makes their lives worth living when they’ve contracted a fatal illness?  

Theologians and religious studies scholars are called to reflect on good life

Theologians and religious scholars ask questions like:

  • Which sources do we use to define what good (and bad) life is? How do people implement those sources?
  • What makes a source or an activity that furthers good life in times of crisis ‘religious’?
  • What does a Christian understanding and how do Christian practices contribute to good life?
  • How do competing views and practices of good life relate and interact?
  • Can various ways of looking at what good is and how it is obtained, exist side by side?
  • Can we learn from takes on good life that differ from ours?
  • And, importantly, is good life in times of crisis for one compatible with good life for another? Can good life for humans also be good for animals and nature – and the other way around?

Call for papers

Deadline for submitting proposals is 31 March, 2021

We invite paper and panel proposals on, but not restricted to, the following topics:

  1. Historical perspectives on negotiating good life in times of crisis.
  2. Discussions of texts and religious sources that relate to crisis.
  3. Christian understanding and practices as a source for the good life.
  4. Reflections on the relationship between various types and levels of crisis (ecological, health, economical, global and local disparity) and religion.
  5. The critical role of academic theology and/or religious studies when reflecting on crisis, good life and lived religion.
  6. Case studies of empirical practices in past and present through which the good life is negotiated and furthered.
  7. The role of interreligious dialogue and cooperation in negotiating responses to crises and establishing criteria for good life.
  8. Philosophical reflections, such as on the ontology and epistemology of the good life.

Guidelines for submitting proposals

Determine which type of proposal you wish to submit. You can either submit an individual paper proposal or a panel session proposal.

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Theologians and scholars in religious studies are called to reflect on good life. This international conference seeks to create a platform for reflecting together on good life in the face of the interrelated crises of today’s world. The conference aims to explore what constitutes a ‘good life’ and in what way ‘good life’ is envisioned and promoted in religion. We will inquire religious sources as well as beliefs and practices, in both historical and contemporary perspective. How do Christians and others negotiate ‘good’ life in times of crisis?

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