Scholarships Programs 2020 - 2021, Missouri Western State University, USA

Publish Date: Aug 29, 2020

Deadline: Dec 31, 2020

Scholarships Programs

Missouri Western State University is committed to the pursuit of excellence and attracting the most promising international students to our classrooms. That is why we have established the Global Griffon Guarantee Scholarship to recruit the best and brightest students from around the world.

The Global Griffon Guarantee Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that renews and grows each year! It is available for new international undergraduate students.

The Global Griffon Guarantee Scholarship 

The Global Griffon Guarantee Scholarship is different from other scholarships. It starts with an initial award ranging from $500 to $4,000 that automatically renews and grows each year as long as you remain enrolled full-time, meet the hours completed requirement and are in good academic standing (2.0 GPA). That could mean up to $20,500 toward your education!

How it works: Awards are decided on the basis of your GPA as calculated by our international admissions team. Because Missouri Western recognizes that U.S. standardized testing is not equally available in all parts of the world, there is no SAT or ACT required for the Global Griffon Guarantee Scholarship (or admission).

After receiving your initial award, you would receive a $1,000 per year increase at the completion of 30 credits (usually 1 year). You would receive an additional $500 increase at 60 and a final $500 increase at 90 credits. And the best part is that you are not at risk of losing your scholarship as long as you maintain a 2.0 GPA at Missouri Western State University.

There is no extra application for the GGGS. All awards will be made with your acceptance letter.

International Griffon Scholar Award 

Missouri Western State University believes that talented students from around the world deserve access to higher education. In that spirit, The International Griffon Scholar Award (IGSA) is a competitive, full tuition, room, board, and fees scholarship for an outstanding international student with significant financial need. Applicants for the IGSA will be considered without the usual $50 application fee.

In addition to the regular admissions application, applicants will also be required to complete an IGSA application. Applicants are also welcome to submit any additional information that they feel would be useful to the Scholarship Committee. All applicants with the equivalent of a 3.8 U.S. GPA will be considered by the committee. No SAT or ACT scores are required.

While the IGSA covers most educational costs, not all expenses are covered (airfare, personal clothing, etc.). The selected student would be expected to contribute at least $2,000 per year to their education.

All applications must be complete with required documents by March 15 of the year of intended entry (or the following Monday if the 15th is on a weekend).

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