International Scholarship 2021, Sweden


December 31, 2020



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International Scholarship

Starting March 2020, we are launching the International Scholarship, which offers international students the chance to receive up to €10,000 to expand their horizon and study in Sweden. We want to ultimately encourage all young students to study in Sweden as part of their tertiary studies in order to experience and explore the Swedish culture. 

The scholarship amount is €10,000 for studies at any university in Sweden. 

This scholarship is handed out to one student per year, unless the amount is split between two students as was the case in 2019. In the latter case, we reserve the right the increase the scholarship amount if possible.

Please note that this scholarship will not be enough to support you on long-term studies. You will still need other financings as well.

Who can apply?

Country of citizenship

You must be a citizen of Germany for the scholarship program.  However, you do not need to reside in the country at the time of the application.


You need to be 18 years old to apply for this scholarship. 

Current situation

You must be able to provide certification that you are a student the day you submit your application. 

Other eligibility criteria

Regardless of all the eligibility criteria listed above, you are not eligible for the International Scholarship if you:

  • Have already resided in Sweden for cumulatively two years or more, prior to the scholarship period;
  • have previously been awarded a Swedish scholarship for master’s level studies or research at a Swedish university/university college;
  • already hold a degree from a Swedish university/university college;
  • are currently enrolled in a study programme at a Swedish university/university college;
  • have a Swedish citizenship, a Swedish permanent residence permit or a temporary work- and residence permit based on work or on family ties with a citizen of Sweden
  • You need to be a German citizen

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