PhD Studentship 2020, Maynooth University, Ireland


May 29, 2020


Opportunity Cover Image - PhD Studentship 2020, Maynooth University, Ireland

Two Fully-Funded PhD Positions in High Mobility Wireless Communications Department of Electronic Engineering Maynooth University, Ireland

The Department of Electronic Engineering at Maynooth University is pleased to announce two PhD studentships with a start date of Autumn 2020 in the area of High Mobility Wireless Communication Systems.

General Research Theme of the PhD Projects

The emergence of a diverse set of services and applications in networks of the future set out many challenging requirements, including low latency and high reliability of the wireless links. These challenges are more pronounced in mission-critical applications such as autonomous vehicles that require safe and rapid reactions and cannot tolerate the wireless link becoming unreliable. This loss of reliability can be due to the fast variations of the wireless channel with time. To tackle such challenges, the goal of the PhD projects is to develop flexible, efficient and robust data transmission and detection techniques with reduced signaling overhead bolstered through utilization of advanced multiple antenna technologies. Dealing with time-varying channels has a long history; however, conventional solutions require fast tracking of such channels or large signaling overheads leading to huge latency issues. Hence, this research will fundamentally rethink the air interface and develop a new generation of modulation technologies that simultaneously utilize physical resources in multiple dimensions such as time, frequency and space. These projects will take a disruptive approach to achieve the maximum diversity gains that are inherent to wireless channel and improve link reliability while providing a low latency. This research will assess link reliability and latency aspects of the future vehicular networks, not only for the air interface, but also in the context of the optical link over which safety-critical as well as infotainment data will be transported to a core data centre and vice versa. Finally, these projects will attack the aforementioned challenges from a different angle through the design of novel frame structures and protocols applicable to the diverse ecosystems emerging in future networks, which is an open problem yet to be addressed.

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