Student Solidarity Prize 2020, Veolia Foundation, France


April 30, 2020

Opportunity Cover Image - Student Solidarity Prize 2020,  Veolia Foundation, France

Student Solidarity Prize

This year in particular, the Veolia Foundation wishes to continue to promote projects of general interest through the Student Solidarity Prize and its 2020 edition.

Given the international situation we are facing, we want to enable the formidable wave of solidarity projects linked to Covid-19 or its consequences to develop. To this end, we have decided to adapt the organisation of the Prize in an exceptional way in order to accompany you in the best possible way. 

It will not be necessary this year for the project to start after the Student Solidarity Award Ceremony in order to be eligible. It seems to us that the solidarity projects that are currently emerging in France and abroad and that provide answers adapted to the urgency of the situation should be supported. All the projects of associations with at least one student already started or starting by June can thus compete for the Prize.

Who are the recipients of the Student Solidarity Award?

The Student Solidarity Award are aimed exclusively at associations (legal entities) formed by students currently pursuing their studies in schools and universities (Master’s level) in France and internationally.Eligible associations may have several years of existence, or may be recently created, or even be applying for their first grant in the context of the Student Solidarity Award.Two or more associations can join together to submit an application for a joint project in connection with the Student Solidarity Award. In this case, a single association of the group will be designated to be the project leader and will be the sole interlocutor.

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April 25, 2020
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