Online Course - Plant-Based and Cultivated Meat 2020, The Good Food Institute, USA

Publish Date: Mar 15, 2020

Deadline: Dec 31, 2020

A free online course exploring the science behind plant-based and cultivated meat

Plant-Based and Cultivated Meat MOOC Syllabus

Week 1: History of alternative sources of meat and the economic impact of plant-based and cultivated meat globally; land use, nutritional profiles, and employment effects

Week 2: Understanding the structure of meat and its physiological role in diet: the biochemical structure of meat; its digestion; and nutritional considerations of common meat replacements

Week 3: Plant-based meat: protein sourcing, isolation & functionalization, formulation, and processing. Extrusion, the Couette cell, flavoring, binders, algal and mycoproteins.

Week 4: cultivated meat: what is it? Cell lines, cell culture media, bioreactors, and scaffolding.

Week 5: Current industry players, financial analysis and bottlenecks, and white space innovation ideas

Week 6: Sociological, ecological, and ethical considerations in the adoption of cultivated and plant-based meat. Understanding the policy and industry landscape for cultivated meat and plant-based products.

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