Call for Application - Atlas Programme: 2020 Campaign, The Fondation Maison, France

Publish Date: Jan 19, 2020

Atlas Programme: 2020 Campaign

Short–term postdoctoral mobility

The Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme and its partners offer postdoctoral mobility grant to researchers in social sciences and humanities for periods from 1 to 3 months.

The programme breaks down into two sections

1. The INCOMING programme

This programme targets researchers affiliated with an institution of higher education and research or a public/private research institute based aboard wishing to undertake a research stay in France.

2. The OUTGOING programme

This program targets researchers residing and affiliated with a french institution of higher education and research or a public/private research institute who would like to benefit from a research stay in another country.


Please refer to the different calls to find out what arrangements apply to the competition you have chosen (geographical area, length of the fellowship) and the application procedure.

Atlas 2020

The 2nd campaign is opened from January 06st to March 16th, 2020 : :

  • Africa | FMSH-CFEE : France > Corn of Africa (outgoing) call in French
  • Africa | FMSH-IFRA Nigeria : France > Nigeria (outgoing) call in French
  • America | FMSH-CEMCA : Mexico and Central America > France (incoming)
  • America | FMSH-CEMCA : France > Mexico and Central America (outgoing) call in French
  • Asia | FMSH-IFEAC : Central Asia > France (2nd call) (incoming)
  • Europe | FMSH-CEFR : Belarus, Moldova, Russia > France > France (2nd call) (incoming)
  • Europe | FMSH-CEFR-AFU : Ukraine > France (2nd call) (incoming)
  • Europe | FMSH-FLET : Italy > France (incoming) (versione italiana)
  • Middle-East | FMSH-CEDEJ : France > Egypt (outgoing) call in French
  • Middle-East | FMSH-IFPO : France > Middle-East (outgoing) call in French
  • Middle-East | FMSH-CRFJ : France > Israel and Jerusalem (2nd call) (outgoing) call in French
  • South Mediterranean | FMSH-UNIMED : South Mediterranean > France (incoming)

The first 2020 campaign is closed.

For more information click "LINK TO ORIGINAL" below.


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