The Free Electrons Program 2020, Australia, Brazil, Singapore and UAE

Publish Date: Jan 12, 2020

Deadline: Jan 31, 2020

The Free Electrons Program

Startups immerse themselves in a global innovation ecosystem

The Free Electrons program consists of 4 one week long modules held across the globe during the course of one year.

During each module the Free Electrons community of experts including The Utilities, local accelerators and mentors support the startups to jump start their business during one-on-one meetings and structured group sessions.

Startups can refine their value proposition, trial and test technology and gain access to invaluable resources, advice and support from around the globe.



23rd – 26th March **

The top 30 finalists will showcase their solutions and their teams through a fast paced pitch event and participate in intense one-on-one meetings with utilities. The closing of the Bootcamp will see successful startups go on to participate in the remaining three modules.

Post bootcamp:
Preliminary discussions, Define road maps, Pilot and project scoping.


Module 1

1st – 4th June **

Module one focuses on matching solutions with concrete challenges to outline a collaborative roadmap for the first pilots between startup and utility. Through further one-on-one meetings, pilot scope is clearly defined, and solutions are being contracted. Working with mentors and learning from successful case studies, participants will be given insight into the utility piloting process, advice on pitching to corporates and explore the inner workings of large corporations.


Post Module 1:
Refine, Pilot and project scoping, Guidance and development with mentors and open innovation partner (Beta-i).


Module 2

31st August – 3rd September **


Startups and utilities continue to collaborate to refine the scope of more potential pilot projects, commercial transactions and/or investment contracts. At module two, startups are given the opportunity to present on progress made with their first pilots and ideate new approaches.

Post Module 2:
Pilot testing, Guidance and development with mentors and open innovation partners (Beta-i), Pivot, Scaling and growth


Module 3

16th – 19th November **


Module three focuses on concluding negotiations and defining projects for scaling and growth prospects. This is not the end – opportunities will continue to be developed outside of module three. A final pitch event and an award ceremony before the Free Electrons consortium, guests and representatives of the local innovation ecosystem will take place.

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