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Asia-Pacific Youth ICH Storytelling Contest 2019


October 15, 2019


Opportunity Cover Image - Asia-Pacific Youth ICH Storytelling Contest 2019

2019 Asia-Pacific Youth ICH Storytelling Contest

  • - UNESCO prioritized youth as the main driver of innovation and change for sustainable development and emphasized youth participation. Especially, since intangible cultural heritage relies on community transmission , the role and participation of young people leading future generations is very important.
  • - As UNESCO Category 2 Centre for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage, ICHCAP( International Information and Networking Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO) plans to provide young practitioners with an opportunity to develop their own safeguarding activities and raise awareness of intangible heritage among young people in general.
  • - (TIP) ICHCAP organized the 2016 ICH Multimedia Contest for the general public to promote visibility and raise awareness of ICH. In 2016 and 2017, ICHCAP operated a youth ICH video documentation project, called the Youth Meets ICH, for youth teams selected from contests and expert recommendations.

    What is youth ICH storytelling?

    • A story on how future generations are transmitting specific ICH elements in the Asia-Pacific region
    • A story that conveys the importance of safeguarding and sustaining Asia-Pacific ICH and its transmission by future generations
    • A story on practicing, safeguarding, and transmitting ICH with community-based youth participation in the Asia-Pacific region


    • Young practitioners
      • Theme: My Dream, My ICH
      • Contents: Storytelling on themselves as a ICH young practitioner
      • Format: Photo essay or video content
    • General youth
      • Theme: Youth Meets ICH
      • Contents: Storytelling on ICH in their daily lives or met in traveling
      • Format: Photo essay or video content


    Type Winners per category Prizes
    Grand Prize 1 USD 1,000 or equivalent
    Excellence Prize 1 USD 700 or equivalent
    Distinction Prize 2 USD 500 or equivalent
    Special Prize 4 USD 200 or equivalent
    Participation Prize 10 Gifts

    For more information click "LINK TO ORIGINAL" below.

Event Type
Publish Date
July 29, 2019


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