Rome Summer School - Eternal City, 27 June - 13 July 2019, Rome, Italy



Event Date:

June 27, 2020 - July 13, 2020

Opportunity Cover Image - Rome Summer School - Eternal City, 27 June - 13 July 2019, Rome, Italy


Take the rare opportunity to explore the rich history and culture of Rome and Florence with a cohort of like-minded participants. The intimate class sizes will allow you to submerge yourself into an in-depth study of Plato’s Symposium, surrounded by monuments of antiquity from the Platonic era. Or, if you choose to study Latin, your classroom will be extended to the streets where the stones speak this language. Your daily guided tours, which are thoroughly tailored for the courses and run exclusively for the program participants, will show you the Eternal City through the eyes of the ancient writers to ensure a truly unique experience.

Campion College Australia will hold this two and a half week program at St. John’s University campus in Rome, located within walking distance from Vatican City, and in Florence. The program will include a combination of lectures and tutorials, along with guided tours of all main attractions in the two major Italian cities.


Saturday 27th June to Monday 13th July 2020

Units of Study

Students must enrol in:

Latin (LAN305) The Eternal City: from Paganism to Christianity* or

Philosophy (PHI305) Plato’s Symposium: Love, Desire and Beauty.

Students may enrol as credit-earning (6 credit points) and non credit-earning students. Final assessments for the credit-earning students will be held on return to Sydney. The non credit-earning students will not be required to submit any assessments. Non-Campion students should get an approval from their home institution before enrolling as credit-earning students.

* Prerequisite for LAN305: Students must have completed at least an intermediate Latin course. Please inquire below with Mr Thomas Flynn to determine whether you are eligible for this unit.

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